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PS4 games for 13 year old ds

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tempo Mon 23-Nov-15 10:27:52

13 year old DS is desperate to get Assasin's Creed / Battlefront etc. I am totally against them, mainly on the basis of incessant violence.

are there ANY games out there suitable for a 13 year old?? He is relatively mature & sensible, I just object to him spending his free time mercilessly murdering on a screen!

Nathan Drake series seems good, but he says the graphics are rubbish!

00100001 Mon 23-Nov-15 18:09:11

Rocket League
Need for Speed games
Tony Hawks 5

Star Wars battle front ( a push at a 16)

...good luck!

gamingmum Thu 03-Dec-15 18:15:40

It's difficult as most games have some form of overcoming enemies by defeating them. Sonic technically has "murder". I think as long as he is old enough to understand that its a game then he should be fine to play battlefront. As a gamer I have never equated shooting on screen badies whether they be monster from, lego badies or lifelike humans with murder. To think the two mindsets are similar is a gross misunderstanding.

Sports based games you should be safe with but if he doesn't enjoy those games there is no point pushing them.

YOu can look at some of the independent stuff on PS4 that you can download. There are some really good games on there but you might need to look at what you think is acceptable level of violence and without playing them you can't really judge as your level will be different to others. If you get the PS+ membership you get up to 5 free games a month so can be a good way to discover lots of new different game styles.

The lego games are quite good fun but at 13 I would say he is probably at those difficult in-between ages where most games will appear babyish to him. Overlord is a good game and I would also recommend the Dynasty Warriors games.

Watch some youtube player videos to see what some games actually look like when played against what you have heard about htem.

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