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Best games gadget for 7 year old eg ipod touch/ipad/?

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iamanintrovert Mon 14-Sep-15 08:32:18

My 7 year old had been using a spare Galaxy Nexus for playing kids games on. The phone is now needed for DP to work away. Dd also has a Leapster Explorer, but seemed to use the phone games a lot more. I just downloaded stuff in line with her interest areas whenever we were somewhere with WiFi.

I'm not a real technophile, so struggling to know what's best to replace it with. Am looking at ipod touch and ipads on ebay. Are there any other options? What do others' kids like best?

Sadandconfusednamechanger Sat 21-Nov-15 16:04:31

Have you considered the kindle fire for kids? It comes with unlimited access to their games and books and TV for a year, 2 years of Amazon replacing if it gets broken, tough case and parental controls for around £99.99.

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