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Free apps on iPad for toddlers??

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kate7590 Sun 21-Jun-15 22:32:53

Im going on holiday with my DS next week, without my hubby and Im just hoping I can get some free apps for the iPad to keep him entertained while on the plane and at 'down time' in the hotel.
He's never used the iPad before (if that makes a difference) and he's 16 months old.

Also- can you download videos for the iPad? Like episodes of peppa pig to watch?
(can you tell I don't use iPad haha)

Earthbound Sun 21-Jun-15 22:36:54

My 3 year old likes Peppa Paintbox and Lego Trains both of which are free on iPad. There are lots of Peppa Pig episodes available on YouTube.

Cies Sun 21-Jun-15 22:40:46

Cbeebies have two apps, story time and playtime which my two love

SpaghettiMeatballs Sun 21-Jun-15 22:51:49

Not free but only a few £'s and loved by both my DCs were the Dear Zoo app and the Nighty Night app.

ShadowStar Sat 25-Jul-15 21:57:08

These are not free, but DS2 (22 months) loves Sago Mini Space Explorer and Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer.
My 3 yr old loves the (free) Lego Duplo games, but they're a bit too complicated for DS2 at the minute.

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 25-Jul-15 21:59:15

the cbeebies one will keep him entertained for ages and no in app purchases, demands for upgrades and so on.

FelixFelix Sat 25-Jul-15 22:02:38

My dd is 19 months and loves the Fisher Price apps. There's loads of different ones that keep her entertained for ages. All free too. Also Peppa Paint Box that pp mentioned. She likes one called 'tiny piano' and also 'magic fingers' which is a really nice app.

Download the BBC iPlayer app as you can download episodes of all the CBeebies shows and watch them without being connected to wifi. You can buy Peppa Pig from iTunes but it's expensive. DP downloaded it and put it on the iPad for me but I would have no idea how to do it unfortunately!

Do you know how to set up guided access so he can't mess about with settings/make in-app purchases/delete things etc?

MaximoosesMum Sat 25-Jul-15 23:06:19

There is one called 'Endless reader' there is one that teaches numbers and one for letters.

YaMasYaDaWithAWigOn Fri 21-Aug-15 01:00:25

Bit late to the party but Sago mini as mentioned are good, as are any Pepi Play games and Toca Boca ones too

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