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Hay Day new neighbourhood

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LeopardLamp Wed 17-Jun-15 15:17:53

Anyone have spaces in a neighbourhood or want to start one up with me? My current hood is nice enough but not much interaction and I'm thinking about leaving. I'm level 44 and play every day smile

UnGoogleable Sat 18-Jul-15 22:51:38

I'm interested - there's no interaction in my neighbourhood, it's rubbish!

Littllebrowndog Fri 24-Jul-15 16:50:36

Perhaps you would like to join us?
We are very active in Derby and do help a lot with boats, expansion and any tasks
The farm name is lame farmer and is mouse on red shield
I will put viper in my name so you can see you are in right place !
I have just done a name change on here but have been here for a few years now
I am level 75 but we have levels from 40 to 112
We are looking for people who can take on 5 Derby tasks at 300 points or above but always help to achieve
Friendly bunch in our Nh

UnGoogleable Sat 25-Jul-15 09:55:03

I looked up your neighbourhood Little but I'm not level 40 yet (just got to 39!) so I can't join.

And like an idiot, I'd completed 4 tasks in my existing Nh derby, but left it to join yours... so I don't get the rewards for all my hard work! Aaargh, I'm a HayDay numpty!!!!

I'll look you up when I get to level 40

LeopardLamp Sat 25-Jul-15 21:39:30

Oooh only just saw this, thanks for the pm! Will take a look.

Littllebrowndog Sun 26-Jul-15 09:21:46

I can accept you don't worry at level 40

Littllebrowndog Sun 26-Jul-15 09:30:12

I mean I can accept you at level 39

Littllebrowndog Mon 27-Jul-15 08:32:32

You do get your rewards when you join new nh as they come with you

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