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lego Jurassic game xbox 360 vs 3ds

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averythinline Wed 03-Jun-15 17:48:54

Current planning to get ds a 3ds for his 10th birthday (we have family ipad and laptop and xbox 360)

and were looking for a game to get with it and spotted this was coming out....but are these sort of games more suited to the xbox?

he doesn't really have many xbox games and generally plays fifa15 or bit of minecraft when he does play on the xbox as finds teh lego indiana jones one a bit hard....

neither dh or I are gamers at all and havent a clue...

BillyBigchin Wed 03-Jun-15 20:15:03

It's great on the Xbox, not sure about the DS. My preference would always be Xbox over DS though as you can play together.

6LittleOnes Wed 03-Jun-15 20:20:13

My dcs love to play lego games on console or handheld. They really are good on either (helpful)

averythinline Wed 03-Jun-15 20:33:29

Thanks, have a feeling maybe better on Xbox ...any recommendations for good 3ds games then? He has some old games and seems to play tennis on on his current v v v v old ds most , some of his friends are really into Pokemon but he doesn't seem keen on that...guess he's too far behind..

Is there anything that would be cool or recent...get the feeling we are way behind the rest of his peers so it would be nice not to be for a change!

WannabeLaraCroft Tue 09-Jun-15 20:39:47

How about a Mario game? Super Mario brothers is good, never goes out of fashion and always very popular. As is Mario kart. Action games like spiderman, transformers etc are always better on a bigger console - the small screen on the DS can't handle the graphics on the big fancy games. However the lego ones can be pretty good - lego batman, lego avengers etc. We had lego star wars for outs and it was very similar to he console version.

Have a look on and search for Nintendo ds games. Even if you don't want to purchase from there it gives you an idea of what's available.

A good idea would be to take your son with you to Game (high Street store) and let him choose from the millions of second hand games there. You can pick up good ones which although are second hand, they come in cartridge form so are always in great condition. If in doubt about anything, I'd recommend talking to the sales assistants in the Game shops, they're fantastic.

Good luck! smile

I wouldn't worry about him getting the most fashionable game, as long as he enjoys what he plays on it.

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