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Rise of Berk - and Google Play on restricted profile - HELP!

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MakeItACider Fri 29-May-15 09:48:37

Ok, just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - and I know absolutely zilch about it.

But I bought it because I wanted to set up separate profiles for the DC. So far so good.

Set up the profiles - yay.

Loaded Rise of Berk onto the profiles - yay. (After a really long time of downloading the game AGAIN on both profiles - rubbish broadband speed)

BUT - in the restricted profiles it says that Google Play is not logged into. Can't work out how the heck I do log into it there!! It's running fine on my profile. On the restricted accounts I have put it that any downloads or purchases need the code. Any ideas?

At the moment, it's mainly for Rise of Berk Game - because it's for the boys I don't want it linked to FB, but the game on IPhone is notorious for crashing, reloading, and then having to restart again if you don't have it linked to a FB account. Anyone know if this will happen on the tablet?

I'm happy to start up 2 junk FB accounts if need be, but ideally would prefer not to.

Any advice????

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