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Minecraft & Banking

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navo1990 Sat 02-May-15 17:59:10

I have a friend of mine who's son came up to me and told me that he thinks he would be in trouble because he spends £12 a month to run a Minecraft server. I told me I have no idea why he should ask me what to do but he replies " I think my dad will take away my bank card if he knew!" I think he is in need of help but I don't know what to do for him, why do you think?

dementedpixie Sat 02-May-15 18:16:21

What age is the child?

navo1990 Sat 02-May-15 18:17:58

He is 15

navo1990 Sat 02-May-15 18:34:09

He is 15 turning 16 September

VivaLeBeaver Sat 02-May-15 18:47:56

I'm guessing it's his pocket money?

Does he think his dad won't approve?

Dd runs a server which I pay for monthly. I only pay £5 a month.

navo1990 Sat 02-May-15 19:32:49

According to what he told me, he thought his dad would allow it but he had misinterpreted him. Its £5 for the server and £7 for the website. He funds for it through saving money from his lunch money.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 21-May-15 11:20:26

saving money from his lunch money.
That would get him in trouble in our house.

What actual advice are you after?

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