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Skylanders - sunscraper spire adventure pack

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LatinForTelly Wed 22-Apr-15 12:09:35

Hi, My DS would like this for his birthday but when I google, it doesn't seem to be widely available. Does anyone know if this is the new Kaos trap, ie it's sold out every where, or if it's just not out on general release yet.

The only 'hit' I'm getting is from amazon for £42 which is more than the original game!

Many thanks if anyone can help.

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Nikkidolphin Sun 03-May-15 18:58:00

Hi my LB wanted the light element pack but I also wouldn't pay Amazon prices. I have managed to get 2 out of the 3 from smyths toys. Light knight is £14.99 and light trap is £5.99. I'm still looking for sunscraper spire thou. Good luck

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