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xbox 360 games for 4 year old

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StarDustMonkey Tue 17-Mar-15 07:53:29


I have a 360 (and am an avid gamer on it plus my pc) and my 4 year old daughter has been bugging me to let her play on it. she plays minecraft and the sims on mine or her dads pc with our help.

I was just wondering if anyone can suggest some child friendly games for her!

Thanks grin

truthwithin Sat 21-Mar-15 21:32:58


MisForMumNotMaid Sat 21-Mar-15 21:36:50

DD is just 4 and plays the lego games, lego superheroes is the current favorite. They're multiplayer so her older brothers or dad tend to play alongside.

CapnMurica Sun 22-Mar-15 10:10:44

Oh any of the Lego games defo! I think Star Wars and Marvel are the best (although we've got Indiana Jones, LOTR, The Hobbit, as well!).

Sonic is also good which I was surprised about I wasn't sure but they live it.

Sky landers if you want to spend out money after you've bought the game. My boys love it but it certainly is more of a birthday present game than a just because of you get me.

MadeMan Sun 31-May-15 08:29:56

Viva Pinata! on Xbox 360 (the first one; I've not played the sequel Trouble In Paradise ).

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