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Wii - talk to me about exercise with this

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polealltheway Sun 08-Mar-15 09:27:31

So my dad just got a wii with one remote and one game, I want to Zumba and a few other fitness things we can do together for fun and exercise for me.

Do I need wii fit board? What games are the best for fitness ? With Zumba do you have to have the belt?

As you can tell I've never used this before

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SymphonyofShadows Wed 25-Mar-15 09:20:58

I don't think you need the board with Zumba. There is an EA fitness game that doesn't need the board either that I remember was particularly knackering. The board/Wii Fit is good though, it helped me lose several stone a few years ago, just by doing the free step a lot

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