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DaddyThunder Mon 16-Feb-15 11:32:21

Hey hey. We've set up a gaming channel for parents (or even just gamers who are older a higher level than the youths of today).

As well as the normal reviews, we'll be having flashbacks to games we've loved from the PS1 to today and our Parent's Guide.

With the Parent's Guides we're aiming to try and educate non gamer parents to some of the more grizzly aspects of gaming by providing balanced reviews of the game and also showing some things they may want to watch out for. We have two Parent's Guides up at the moment

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Alien Isolation

It would be great if you checked them out, and passed them on to anybody who you think might benefit.

We're also on



If you wanted to join us there we'd love to have you and your thoughts on our next videos :D

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