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Disney infinity

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merlehaggard Fri 05-Dec-14 23:08:11

Hi, my husband thinks we should buy my 4 year old the Disney Infinity for the PS3 but i know very little about it and can't decide which set to buy. I would also welcome advise regarding the suitability of it. He is very good at this sort of thing but I don't like violence.

1. There is a starter set which includes a character from pirates, monsters inc and another. Is this any good?

2. There is the legends one which is disney infinity 2. Is this better?

3. How important is it to but the other characters?

4. What are the tokens for?

5. Is any set enough on its own (at least for a while) or will there be an immediate need to buy more?

6. Are there any particularly good offers around?

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