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Your child's relationship to gaming/computer?

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nrv0us Fri 05-Dec-14 16:39:41

I am pondering getting a laptop for my daughter (10yrs) this Christmas, and we are also thinking about getting a games console of some sort.

I am just curious to hear other people's experiences with this -- how much time do your kids spend on the computer, and do you ever wish you could get rid of it? Obviously, it's something you can impose controls on. What kind of controls do you have in place, and do you think the computer is overall A Good Thing for your child?

wizzler Fri 05-Dec-14 22:37:20

DS loves his gadgets and would be on them all the time if I let him. I limit his time particularly on school days. He is 10. I have to give him fair warning of how many minutes he has left or he would be a total PITA

DD is 8 and can take them or leave them. Plays on them sometime, but would rather be crafting!

The laptop is very useful for homework which is now set on line for DS, and both DC very aware of internet security and have always checked with me before downloading a new app.

Would I rather DS spent less time on his PC ? Yes.
Does it buy me half an hour of peace and quiet when I need to get stuff done... Yes

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