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Best Playstation 4 games (for a 10 -12 year old) - don't mind some mature themes

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hmc Tue 02-Dec-14 20:26:47

Any recommendations for playstation 4 games? Bit short of Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old ds. I am happy for him to play games with older themes (as long as they are not misogynistic kill fests or similar)

Thanks ...

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hmc Tue 02-Dec-14 21:09:53


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hmc Tue 02-Dec-14 21:21:05

Oh go on! Someone must be buying playstation 4 games this Christmas

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gamingmum Wed 03-Dec-14 12:07:44

Not a huge range of PS4 games out atm... Lego Marvel Superheroes is a good game for kids and adults! as are a few of the other lego themed games

Skylanders now have a game set out for the PS4

Fifa if into sport

There is a Dynasty Warriors game for the PS4 which is a fighting game working your way through different Dynasties to battle for control over the three Kingdoms of China. So adds some history to the fighting... I think some wouldn't be happy for a ten year old to play it but I played all the originals back on the ps2 when I was that age. Not a gory game just large battle field scenes.

hmc Wed 03-Dec-14 13:17:29

Thanks gamingmum -Dynasty warriors sounds perfect

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FlyntCoal Sun 07-Dec-14 23:20:03

Destiny. It's online but you have to go into settings and specifically opt in to voice chat so no risk of bad language or adult strangeness. There is a pvp, player vs player, element but again you have to opt in. That's the only part with killing actual humans, it's called crucible.

Rest of the game is killing aliens, collecting things, upgrading weapons and armour, exploring planets.

Snatchoo Mon 15-Dec-14 16:10:27

Oh yes Destiny. There's also an expansion pack which is good for a top up present from grandparents.

nowomennocry15 Wed 11-Feb-15 01:36:38

fifa 15
the crew

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