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Sims4 pc only help please

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Bessiebigpants Sat 29-Nov-14 08:56:37

Could someone please tell me what type of lap top I need to buy for my daughter to play this game on.She loves it on her kindle but this version is pc only so I'm hoping to get her something to play it on that she can maybe use for homework as well.I went onto other sites and they start speaking computer and I'm lost.Ideally I want to get it from amazon because I'm lazy/busy (afraid of computer sales men) thanks.

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Snatchoo Mon 15-Dec-14 16:16:30

Hi Bessie, not sure if you will check this but I can help!

You will need a very decent laptop with a good graphics card and I would recommend at least 4gb of RAM. I would look online at reviews - use maybe John Lewis etc for that as they are I likely to be more relevant to you than others on computer websites.

I got a laptop for about £550 from Very, I play Sims 3 on it. It's quite high end but it still struggles sometimes.

You might want to lurk on some Sims forums as well for advice. They will have knowledge of playing the game you want on a laptop.

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