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Upgrading to xBox One... pros and cons please.

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dorasee Sat 01-Nov-14 09:54:03

Our DS (going on 13) would like to upgrade from the 360 to the One. His friends are upgrading so he feels a bit 'left behind'.
Over the years he has accumulated a collection of games both on disc and on the 360 hard-drive.
The idea is that he will trade in the 360 and sell/trade his games and kinnect in order to pay for at least half the cost of a One. Whether or not he keeps the 360 hard-drive will make a difference to the trade, I imagine.
The downside I see is that he will be starting over again, with only a couple of games, and he will need to really accept that 'ground zero' game-wise will be a bit dull to start with. If we can keep the 360 hard-drive, this will help. But we can't afford to invest in the xBox One and 10 new games! Crazy.
If we don't upgrade, my worry is that the xBox 360 will soon become a thing of the past, no more games will be manufactured for this console, and we won't even be able to trade it in at a certain point. Am I incorrect in assuming this?
Do any of you know the future of the 360? Is it worth jumping on the xBox One bandwagon? Just a reminder, he is almost 13 and his friends are all leaving 360 behind. Your thoughts are most appreciated.

GatoradeMeBitch Sat 01-Nov-14 21:43:39

There are some good games that are XBox One exclusives, but that's the only pro I could give you! Even my son who has been an XBox stalwart no longer defends the XBox One when I slag it off. In fact he's thinking about moving to the PS3 Slim. The 360 is not going anywhere any time soon, in fact they seem to be promoting it quite highly this quarter with limited edition versions.

If your son's friendship group are almost all on the XBox One that's another pro of course...

Zazzles007 Sun 02-Nov-14 08:42:13

I would have a chat to the parents of his friends to be honest, and verify whether his mates really have the newer consoles or not. There aren't many games on the Xbox1 (or the PS4 for that matter), and when you start short-listing the games you want to play, that whittles the list down even further. On one site I buy regularly from, they keep in stock about 200 games for the XBox1, whereas for the 360, their regular stock list would be several hundred long.

The games are really expensive on the newer consoles at this point and many of them are still being released on the old generation consoles. These are the reasons why I haven't bought a new generation console for the time being - I was going to buy one in January 2015, but I am waiting until there are loads of games I want to play, that I can't get for my PS3. I am thinking about pushing my purchase back a further 6 months. The new generation consoles look amazing on screen however, that's the only real pro I can think of.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 02-Nov-14 08:45:07


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