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Calling all Hay Day addicts (2)

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MonstersBalls Mon 13-Oct-14 10:38:43

We filled 1000 Posts!

I've finally caved in and hired Tom to fetch me some axes and saws so I've got a nice clean farm now. <preens> I drew the line at setting my alarm for every 2 hours through the night though so I'm not completely mad addicted. grin

MonstersBalls Wed 15-Oct-14 08:28:21

Bumping for any farmers! I can't be the only one still playing?

<casually chews a stalk>

NapoleonsNose Wed 15-Oct-14 08:39:21

I'm still playing! Didn't post on the other thread though for ages (to busy levelling up!). I know what you mean about needing to clear up the dead wood. Since they introduced the nectar bushes, I've got loads to chop down. Used Tom yesterday, but even two axe runs (was primarily using him for boat orders) was not enough to get rid of all the dead stuff.

figgypuddings Wed 15-Oct-14 08:46:24

There is a petition on the forum demanding either an axe drop or axe rewards for the honey - the nectar bushes only have one revive and many people are fed up after expanding their farms only to fill the new areas with dead nectar bushes.

QueenOfGeeks Wed 15-Oct-14 11:06:18

I'm still playing, think we are all just chatting in our neighbourhoods now.

Definately need to see some change, perhaps they just need to increase the drop rate for axes...

Was discussing the best way to get mats in my neighbourhood earlier.. Here is the link to the post on wheating

ZingOfSeven Wed 15-Oct-14 11:19:45

Hay everyone!

did you look at sneak peeks? I can't wait for beeswax and candle maker!smile

QueenOfGeeks Wed 15-Oct-14 12:28:50

According to the forums they will be available at level 48.

secretsquirrels Wed 15-Oct-14 19:43:29

Hello all. Still Haydaying 6 months after being lured into it by MN grin. I'm TheCatLikesMeBest and my farm is Grassy Bottom.
I don't recognise any of your names? Perhaps you have different Farm / Game Centre names that I know you by?
I am in the "Another MN Quiche" and we chat and trade a lot. I do also visit all the many other MN farms I have as friends and try to fill the odd crate.

figgypuddings Wed 15-Oct-14 21:25:39

I'm Peppermint Puffin and thank you for reviving my constantly dying trees and nectar flowers!
My dcs are happy when they see the picture of The Cat Who Likes YOU The Best. grin

secretsquirrels Wed 15-Oct-14 22:26:24

<Waves to Peppermint Puffin>
DS is 16 and mocks me but he likes to see his cat on my game.

MonstersBalls Thu 16-Oct-14 08:23:40

My neighbourhood doesn't talk at all! Maybe I should join a mn one? Is there any room in any of them? My farm name is Jersey Girl.

Thanks for the link about wheating QueenofGeeks. I still have a way to go. I'm level 45 and saving money again for lobster expansion!

secretsquirrels Thu 16-Oct-14 10:25:54

monsters No talk? We all buy and sell from each other plus general chit chat. Most things we sell to each other at default price but often (not always) EMs are at FP.
I think there is one space left in our neighbourhood. You need to identify yourself as a Mumsnetter. Do you have a gamecentre name?

QueenOfGeeks Thu 16-Oct-14 11:22:43

We are Moar MN Quiche (I think) and I believe we have spaces.

Servers currently down for next update.. Candles woo hoo!

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 11:24:03


but when? WHEN????

I want candles now! I can't wait! is it today? is it tomorrow? aarrgghh come on HD, get on with it!
I'm level 62 now and got fat purse so I can buy the candle maker asap!grin

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 11:24:56

and who are you in the quiche? cae?

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 11:28:21

I'm a co-leader now <brags without shsne> so if anyone wants to join MN Moar I can accept you as well, just say here what your farm names is

I mean I can accept new members, but will I?
I might. I might not. depending on what goodies you give me in return! <loves power>


whimsy Thu 16-Oct-14 11:30:45

Do you think the Halloween stuff will be back? I've been saving fir the candle maker, hope I've got enough!

whimsy Thu 16-Oct-14 11:32:45

Knew you'd be here Zing wink

KeeperOfBees Thu 16-Oct-14 11:40:22

Hello new thread

I am Lorenville, level 58.

i have spent two weeks saving for my salad bar. I've not spent much time in my village lately tjough. i never recieve any explosives for the mine so have nothing to expand, upgrade my train.

i complained to supercell about the lack of axes and saws. Farms are beginning to look scruffy with dead bushes and trees.

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 12:57:26


course I'm here. where would I be?grin

to earn money & level up & get stuff in a balanced manner I do these things as much as possible:

- harvesting and selling wheat, corn, carrots, soybeans and sugarcane. all top price except for wheat (I do 10 for 10 coins as have lots of slots but 10 for 1 is good)

- selling chicken and cow feeds. I put on the others for the night so machines keep running and sell leftovers after I fed pigs, sheep & goats. always top price

- selling bread, milk and plain popcorn. they always sell. always

- make sure you put free ads on if anything is not sold out quickly!

- only sell eggs & wheat to villagers, only sell jewellery to trucks never bars

- fill boats for others (again especially if asking for bread & popcorn)

keep doing these things and you'll be surprised how quickly you can progress!

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 13:02:29

and doing those things (plus keeping on top of townies and doing events) it took me only 4-5 days each time to level up since I was on level 57!!
I have upgraded barn also every time I levelled up since level 57 & upgraded silo twice.

(this time not bragging just illustrating that selling cheap stuff often does make a big difference! )

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 13:44:44


this is it people, CANDLES!! YES! grin

KeeperOfBees Thu 16-Oct-14 21:45:23

<falls a little bit in love with zing>

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 16-Oct-14 21:48:55

Still playing, not been on one of these threads before, need to build neighbourhood and then ask nicely to join a quiche

ZingOfSeven Thu 16-Oct-14 23:13:45


what level are you?

keepersmile luffs ya too!

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