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Star8369 Sun 05-Oct-14 01:12:55

Has anyone played this game on either the ps3 or xbox 360 I am thinking about buying it for me my daughter for xmas and was looking for some reviews

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MrsCakesPrecognition Sun 05-Oct-14 01:26:29

My DD was so desperate to get this game that she bought it herself. I think she has been quietly disappointed. She still plays with it occasionally, but always returns to Minecraft.

123rd Sun 05-Oct-14 01:41:35 DS has put it in his bday list...he is a mahosive mine craft fanhmm sounds like he may be a bit disappointed. I just ordered it from Amazon

Star8369 Sun 05-Oct-14 01:45:03

my daughter loves mines too

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Star8369 Sun 05-Oct-14 01:45:30

that should have said minecraft

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BotoxednSpanxed Sun 05-Oct-14 01:58:31

yeh it's a bit basic after minecraft. my son bought it because one of his idols, stampy, hero, choo choo, amylee (don't knwo who) mentioned it. 20 quid well spent. not

Zazzles007 Sun 05-Oct-14 08:50:10

I haven't played Terraria, as I looked into it and decided that it wasn't for me. However, when I am researching a game to buy, I usually search for reviews on IGN, Gamespot and Metacritic. You may find other gaming sites which may more accurately review the games you are interested in. The Metacritic one is especially useful as it has user reviews which give you the good and bad about the game as well. Terraria review links:


ignominious Sun 05-Oct-14 09:30:33

Disappointing after minecraft though I know people who have a minecraft-style obsession with it so it must have good points.

Star8369 Mon 06-Oct-14 13:27:20

thanks zazzles

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pingpong3000 Wed 22-Oct-14 00:19:34

It's okay but it's not very good because the days are really short so you can't do much cause of all the enemies at night and you spend half you time accidentally falling in pits and getting stuck angry

pingpong3000 Wed 22-Oct-14 00:21:01

Dazzled don't trust IGN they get bribed to give good reviews srsly

123rd Wed 22-Oct-14 01:13:35

My ds got this at the wkend. He is enjoying it. He just turned 8, not sure if that's similar to others. He said its fun and is excited to play it.

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