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Xbox one minecraft is here!

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FiloFunky Sat 06-Sep-14 14:20:39

Runs much smoother - yet to see a cat

The new music is making me want to rip my ears off

Other than that loving it! And because we have the 360 version only a few quid to upgrade. Hurrah!!

So who else is mining??

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FiloFunky Sat 06-Sep-14 18:19:44

Anyone? Shameless bump&

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gamerchick Sat 06-Sep-14 18:23:48

You're just showing off because you have an xbox one aren't you? grin

I'm not envious or anything wink

kelper Sat 06-Sep-14 18:25:08

My DS is very sad that minecraft isn't on the WiiU. I absolutely refuse to buy an xbox just for Minecraft ;)

FiloFunky Sat 06-Sep-14 18:41:23

We are sad enough to have one from release date blush

They won't release on the wii.... You should buy the poor kiddo a xbox winkwink <for you> gringrin

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