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Anyone got a spare red club Nintendo insert from a 3DS box they don't want?

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flatmum Sat 23-Nov-13 00:31:48

I want to register my sons 3ds and a game I've bought to take advantage of the offer of a free downloadable game (to replace the actual game I bought him and he them promptly lost - don't ask!). Unfortunately I bough his 3ds from eBay and the code has already even used. Does anyone have one they don't intend to use or are throwing away?

makingparentsrealise Sun 05-Jan-14 15:40:09

The Club Nintendo loyalty program offers rewards to members who collect points (sometimes referred to as "Stars" or "Star Points", the program is also commonly known as the Stars Catalogue; the North American Club uses "Coins") which are gained primarily by purchasing and registering certain first-party hardware and software titles by Nintendo. Points are also awarded for the purchase of select third-party titles, and can also be obtained by participating in surveys, inviting others to become a Club Nintendo member or even simply visiting a web site.
Rewards range from digital content such as computer wallpaper, music and mobile phone ringtones, to physical items such as keyrings, calendars, t-shirts and other clothing items, to premium items such as soundtrack albums and game controllers. Some of the premium rewards are even Club Nintendo exclusive video games. These video games can be either digital content (WiiWare, DSiWare) or a physical item (Wii, DS) depending on how, on a game by game basis, they are offered. Many reward items are exclusive to particular Club Nintendo territories, and physical items are sometimes only available in limited quantities.

forago Wed 11-Jun-14 22:59:21

I know

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