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im looking for a suitable war game for a 9 year old... everything is age 16+ ...

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juicychops Wed 06-Nov-13 18:28:54

and I would rather not get him anything that grown up until he's older.

He is really into Halo toys and megabloks, but the actual computer games are age 16+. He also wants Black Ops but that is a definite no no.

I defo don't want anything with the bad language, which I think is most 18 games, but don't mind going up to age 12.

any ideas?

does anyone have a young ds that plays the older games?

Vajazzler Wed 06-Nov-13 18:55:09

My dh has one of the call of duty games and when you play it it gives you the option to disable the graphic language. I know the newest one is 16+ would you allow him to play without swearwords?

IHadADreamThatWasNotAllADream Wed 06-Nov-13 19:05:08

The Lego games are excellent. He might hmm to start off with but he'd soon start to enjoy them.

juicychops Wed 06-Nov-13 22:16:23

thanks for replies. he has actually asked for the new lego marvel game so possibly that one for xmas.

I didn't realise you could disable the swear words. im not sure. is the violence really that bad? he watches 12a films at the cinema such as the marvel films and batman/wolverine etc, so if the games were not any worse than them then I might consider it. what do you recon? I don't want people to start telling me he's going to grow up into a mass murderer for playing violent computer games!!

Helpyourself Wed 06-Nov-13 22:23:03

I'd go with the Lego ones.

Vajazzler Wed 06-Nov-13 22:23:08

My dh only plays the zombie aspect if the game which isn't as violent as the regular gameplay. My 10yr old has played it occasionally but has a tendency to get a bit obsessive over playing it all the time so only gets it as a treat.

ouryve Wed 06-Nov-13 22:23:43

My dh has one of the call of duty games and when you play it it gives you the option to disable the graphic language.

Sorry, I read this and DH just sniggered. He wants to know if it changes the game so you no longer have to shoot anyone in the head, just engage them in polite conversation, instead.

Games ratings are about more than just bad language, you know, Vajazzler.

Vajazzler Wed 06-Nov-13 22:57:31

I do know that ouryve but the op did specifically mention not wanting something with bad language. I wasn't aware until my husband told me that there is the option to remove the bad language so assumed the op didn't either.

AngiBolen Wed 06-Nov-13 23:02:34

War games are 16 for a reason..they are violent, and not suitable for young children.

Lego Star Wars?

GameHub Sat 09-Nov-13 01:33:16

Most games in a war setting are 16 or 18 age rated. This content advisory is due to violence, bad language and scenes that may prove distressing or unsettling. At the end of the day, the games are set during a war, it would, in a way, be inappropriate for the horror of that to be watered down for players not yet in a double-digit age. This is especially true of games set during a historical war like WWII. Something that the Call of Duty franchise used to be very good at, before it lost its way a little, was in emphasising the horror of war vs the fantasy of playing at war. I applaud and thank you for putting your foot down on Call of Duty. It is absolutely the right decision - the content is not appropriate at your son's current age.

You will find it next to impossible to find a war themed shooter in the 7+ age rating, or even as a 12+. If you would like, I can do some research for you to find (maybe) war themed strategy games or non-war themed action/adventure games, if that might be helpful? What other things does he like, apart for war? I really do think you will struggle to find a war themed shooter, as many studios would find it extremely technically hard to create a game about war that fits the content advisory of not depicting death or distress in humans, and might even find it disrespectful to try.

An alternative suggestion that might help you in your problem is to look at the Transformers games. These are usually around the 12 age rating, with plenty of exciting explosions, action and things going on. Its essentially "war as play" with nobody actually ever getting hurt, because all the combatants are machines. I think this might be the solution that you are looking for.

As always, please ask if you have any further questions.

TheLightPassenger Sat 09-Nov-13 11:01:41

Think even for a twelve rating you would need to go down the fantasy rpg or lego route or smash bros or streetfighter type fighting rather than war games.

makingparentsrealise Wed 20-Nov-13 12:24:43

War games I feel like a old coot but I used to love Blastcore on N64.

lljkk Wed 20-Nov-13 12:31:20

We have had some that were 11s & 12s, I will link in a moment.

lljkk Wed 20-Nov-13 12:36:42

Star Wars Emp @ War (12). Other Star Wars titles: Battlefront (pg), and Republic Commando (12).

Battle over the Pacific (3+).

Violent without damaging living things: Crashday. My kids love this.

BadLad Tue 03-Jun-14 06:04:24

If he has a DS, the Advance Wars series is excellent, war-based, brilliant fun and not in any way adult (made by Nintendo). Get either of the Gameboy Advance games or the first DS one.

BreakingDad77 Wed 11-Jun-14 16:42:08

There are some turn based strategy games out there - but guess that might be a bit beyond them?

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