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Which X-box for DS(8)?

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Grockle Sun 29-Sep-13 18:59:06

He'd love one & I'm thinking about it for christmas but I have no idea what he'd need. The options seem to be a 4GB or 250GB... but which would be best? confused

GameHub Tue 01-Oct-13 02:51:34

In answer to your question: The GB refers to Gigabites, which are the units of storage. If you go for the 4GB version, there will not be enough space to store any real content on the actual device. All the games you play on the Xbox will have to be bought as physical discs (what we call "Boxed Copy"), and will only work if the disc is spinning round in the drive. You will not be able to digitally download and play games from XboxLive - the 250GB option would allow you to download and store approximately 35 full video game titles downloaded by paying online.

This American thread might be useful to you:

advised, Microsoft are launching a new Xbox console for the Christmas season, called the XboxOne. This is of a new "generation" of consoles, ending the life cycle of the Xbox360. This new console has utterly *bombed* with the gaming press and public (and not without good reason) with the entire gaming decision of Microsoft restructured and the head of development fired as a result. Microsoft's future in the gaming segment currently looks very uncertain, not helped by a string of horrendous PR gaffs, including a discrimination and hate speech case at Eurogamer Expo (the most important gaming trade show in the UK) by an XboxOne representative only this weekend, appalling the gaming community. Microsoft are not looking healthy right now.

CommanderShepard Wed 02-Oct-13 19:44:03

Oh dear god:

That poor woman.

Another about XBox One crappery:

ClaraOswald Wed 02-Oct-13 19:50:01

Get one with really good memory.

Grockle Wed 02-Oct-13 23:21:54

Thank you!

Will look at links smile

GameHub Thu 03-Oct-13 12:06:03

Prepare yourself. They are not nice links. The gaming press were up in arms. It was an appalling way to treat somebody, and totally not what we are about. Gaming as a hobby is pretty unique, in that it has a community aspect which can function as a pressure group and lobby. But its something we can only influence from the inside. We make progress and then a big player does something like this and the whole thing slides back into the dirt. It's infuriating. What do people think of gamers when they see stuff like this?! Makes me weep.
Gaming is for everybody! That's the whole bleeding point! rants off into the sunset

On a lighter note, I have a 90second, 4 question survey that I would really appreciate if you could fill out: Its about helping parents and educators understand video games.

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