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Wii u or 3ds

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Toohottohandle Sun 01-Sep-13 17:14:57

Cant decide
Dd aged 8 luvs her dsi
Would luv a 3ds
We currently own a wii getting out if date
Wii u is very exspensive and so are the games

GameHub Mon 02-Sep-13 15:14:55

Hi TooHotToHandle!

I'm glad that your daughter is enjoying gaming. I'd like to help with your choice, but I'm a little confused as to what you mean when you say the Wii is getting "out of date." The original Wii is still the version currently in usage - an "updated" version WAS released in 2011, but the change is almost entirely cosmetic (it stands horizontally rather than vertically) and actually has FEWER features than the original model. When did you buy your Wii? It should still be in reasonably good working order.

The WiiU is entirely backwards compatible with the Wii, so all your current games should still work on it. And the design means you essentially get a console and a handheld in the same package, due to the inclusion of the semi-portable (around the house only) second screen. However, its not a very popular device for the studios to actually make the games for, and Nintendo are having real trouble getting a good range so specifically Wii U games look likely to remain pricey.

On the handheld front a new 3DS would be backwards compatible with all her DSI games. And of course it would allow her to enjoy the new "3D" style games that stand out from the screen. My best advice is to see if you can find a 3DS to road test and see if she gets on with it. She might not actually like the 3D effect once the excitement has worn off - some don't! smile

A bit more information about things like: whether she has any siblings, what games she currently has and enjoys, general hobbies and interests etc, would help me to give you better, more detailed advice. Best of luck in making your choice!

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