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Disney Infinity - Who is looking forward to the launch?

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Jane101x Mon 12-Aug-13 21:22:01

So, I have two children, Abbie aged 8 and Thomas aged 10, last year Thomas absolutely loved Skylanders and we bought him a variety of different action figures and the base for the Skylanders Giants e.t.c basically it was everything he asked for, Christmas, Birthday, Easter!

Now, I hear that Disney Infinity is coming out, a similar product but this time based on the Disney Pixar characters which honestly sounds a lot better than the random Skylander toys, but at the same time means that my purse is really going to feel the crunch this time!

I want to know how many of the mums out there are feeling the bite of the cash being taken out of your pocket with this one?

I've been researching the best prices and found this Disney Infinity Price Comparison it doesn't seem finished yet, but I am considering preorder the Disney Infinity starter pack off of here for my son.

Has anyone else pre-ordered from Amazon before?

Thanks Jane smile x

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