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Videogame Help

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GameHub Sat 03-Aug-13 11:54:05

Hello Mumsnetters!

I am super new to all this, so I hope I get am doing this right. smile I just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi and tell you what I'm all about.
I love videogames. They are my thing, I've played them all my life, I've worked in various roles on gaming interest websites, I am friends with quite a few developers. I think games are great! But not everybody feels the same way; for some people, they are just a baffling, scary mess of alien stuff that just isn't for them (kinda like how I feel about ironing!) But I love them, and I was wondering whether I could turn my love and knowledge of games into something useful for other people who maybe aren't so interested in games, or are maybe feeling a bit worried about them?

So, I thought I'd set up a Mumsnet account and offer myself as a kind of "advice line" for parents who have questions about video games, if you think that would be helpful to you? Any question, no matter how big or small, anything from "which game should I buy my 5yo" to "I'm worried about how much my son plays Call of Duty," anything at all that is on your mind! No question too big, too small, or even too controversial - if you hate video games and think they are super evil, that's fine, let's have a conversation! smile

Purchasing choices for video games, which game, on what criteria, is something I am particularly interested in, and have a theory on, which I would be interested to test against your experiences. But for now, its just a kind of general pupose 'hello, can I help you?' kind of thread.

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