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Cradle of Egypt... please ask your DC!

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wizzler Tue 19-Jun-12 07:19:07

DS has a new DS game, Cradle of Egypt... he is enjoying it, but doesn't know how to save each level as he accomplishes it.. so we are arguing.. because I say "DS get dressed please" and he says " when I have finished this level".. and then I wait, and he finishes the level but has to choose between disobeying me, or turning it off and losing the levels he has cleared so far. Guess which he chooses hmm

I am no techy.. but I think he is on stage 1...

Please ask any experts in your house for advise and restore peace in mine!

What happens if he just closes the DS without turning it off? That usually pauses the game.

Most DS games are easy to stop and restart caus it's desgined to be portable.

(Sorry - I know nothing of this specific game, those were just general comments)

PersonalClown Sun 08-Jul-12 18:54:09

We've had that one and Cradle of Rome. I'm pretty sure that it auto saves after each level.

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