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Don't know a sodding thing about Wii's but....

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captaincogsworth Tue 15-Nov-11 20:22:32

...thought I'd treat my two DDs and DH to one for Christmas!
Any recommendations on bundles or what I need/ don't need, some good games etc.
Any advice would be VERY much appreciated!!

purpleknittingmum Tue 15-Nov-11 20:26:34

Mario Kart is great!

How old are your kids? Ravin Rabbids is one of my daughter's favourites (she is nearly 15)

we initially got one of those kits with the tennis racket in it etc, but not worth it

get more than one controller, we eventually got 3 so we can have one each

NatashaBee Tue 15-Nov-11 20:34:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

captaincogsworth Tue 15-Nov-11 20:42:22

DDs are 4 and nearly 6. Are all consoles equal?
Don't even know the basics! About time I advanced into technoland. smile

purpleknittingmum Tue 15-Nov-11 20:46:27

Oh yes the dance ones are good too, very fun and energetic!

Ryoko Sat 19-Nov-11 18:27:34

Get Zelda skyward sword, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Zack and Wiki and Zelda Twilight Princess if they liked Skyward (but Skyward is the better game if you only get one Zelda make it that).

you need nothing it comes with all you need, other then obviously more controllers if you need em for more people to play.

back of the box of all games state what controllers they work with or need anyway.

DSM Sat 19-Nov-11 18:46:56

All the consoles are the same - the only real difference being that some cone with a game or two.

I would recommend buying a console and then choosing games. If you go to game (or other specialist computing store) they'll be able to help you out no end. You can also get pre-owned games there - basically ones people have traded in once completed / bored with. Can be half the price and you'd never know.

Wii party is brilliant fun for a family to play together. Santa brought it for DS last year and we alll still play together. Loads of mini games, some boar game style games and some 'party' games.

Also second the dancing games and mario kart/super mario bros and the delta games. Also the Lego star ward are great.

Hope this helps.

Ryoko Sun 20-Nov-11 18:03:36

Don't listen to anyone in GAME, they have targets, they get told what to sell and are expected to shift a set number of loyalty cards and bundles per month etc, like a mobile phone shop without the commission.

tocha Sun 20-Nov-11 18:36:38

atm I think the bogstandard £89 from asda bundle is cheapest. Only thing you might need in addition is an extra remote or two (unfortunately will only comes with 1 remote and 1 nunchuck as standard). The Zelda and Smash Bros games are a 12 rating btw, in case you are bothered by that sort of thing.

cheapest place for 2nd hand games is cex ime, or grainger games, rather than game/gamestation. There is a newer slightly different console out this year - it's horizontal rather than vertical, and doesn't play gamecube games. I wouldn't bother paying extra for it tbh.

yy to Mario Kart, Kirby and Lego.

DSM Sun 20-Nov-11 20:41:20

Ryoko - that's rubbish. My nephew works for game and they are very well trained, very knowledgable and will recommend the right games. They don't earn any commission and are encouraged to get people to trade in games, which is obviously a good thing for the customer.

Also agree however that there are other shops that can help just as well, if not better. But nothing wrong with game.

tocha Sun 20-Nov-11 22:37:03

during x-factor breaks there was an ad for game- for a bundle with wii, 1 remote and the new mario and sonic at the olympic games game for £109, which seems pretty reasonable too.

Ryoko Mon 21-Nov-11 17:39:28

DF worked for them for 4 years, he left because he got sick of the rep coming round once a week and schooling them in how to sell that weeks new releases, sick of the constant pushing of the loyalty cards and the bollocking you got if you didn't shift that many. sick of the chart being a paid for advertisement to get people to buy particular games instead of actually being a representation of what games where actually selling well. sick of being stuck on a part-time contract as a sales assistant when he was training all the staff and practically running the shop while management spent all their time outside smoking.

I didn't say they got commission I said they are like a mobile phone shop without the commission. I.E they get told to talk people into buying particular products and services and get a bollocking if they miss targets.

Ryoko Mon 21-Nov-11 17:42:06

And if you are going to sell your second hand games on the high street, you are better off in CEX in general they pay more (you can look up on their website how much they give).

natw15 Sun 27-Nov-11 20:25:29

Sainburys have console, mario kart and wheel for £97....seems pretty good deal. Just got one for DD age 6, from reading this think i need another controller, party game and dance games to start with. Any advice on which dance games are best?

captaincogsworth Wed 08-Feb-12 21:24:30

Fantastic advice, thank you all.
I agree DSM, Wii Party is really good fun (and rather addictive too blush )

southeastastra Wed 08-Feb-12 21:25:13

op i love you so much for using this topic!

captaincogsworth Wed 08-Feb-12 21:38:29

Why, thank you! smile

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