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Leappad tablet - confused about apps, cartridges, which ones to get, etc.

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3point14 Sun 13-Nov-11 00:19:34

We've just bought our 4 year old a Leappad for Xmas and have been getting it set up. Now we're onto the add ons and I cannot see the wood for the trees.

Online, where you can only see after buying the product, you can download an app from about £2.50 to £20.00. Now some of these, such as this Dora Explorer, are £20.00 but I can find the cartridge for £13.99 or so online. Argos also have some deals on for a couple more days.

I think having them downloaded would be easier but it seems about 50% more expensive. But if you have the cartridge, can you upload it from there or do you have to carry around all the game cartridges ?

Any other help or suggestions which ones are best would be much appreciated.

ncjust4this Sun 13-Nov-11 00:37:49

for cartridge games you have to carry them around. I have noticed some of the games are downloadable for the RRP (£20) but there are really good offers elsewhere (!!!)

My advice is DONT go mad on line with the downloads. There are new ones coming out all the time so best to get 1 or 2 and see how you go. By the time they are bored with what they have there will be even more stuff available to choose from.

DD likes the phonics video (cartoon monsters - Al and Og I think) but she is younger than your DC. You really need to tailor your game choices to what DCs like at or areas that need working on.

3point14 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:04:55

So you cannot upload the software from the cartridge to the tablet ? That is how I interpret what you are saying - am I right ?

Daft if that is true.

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