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DSi games - (a bit) educational! Age 3.5 & 5

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beepbeep Tue 25-Oct-11 19:14:21

DS is 3.5 & DD1 is 5, they are both getting a DSi for Christmas and I am looking for some games that are fun but educational.

DS loves numbers, shapes & patterns

DD is just starting to learn phonics (read, write, ink) but numbers etc would be good too.

Any other games that you'd recommend for these ages (but not necessarily educational!)?

Joyn Thu 10-Nov-11 16:01:11

Mine like peppa pig & I did it mum 1&2. Dd1 is 6 & I also got her let's draw which teaches you some drawing techniques. As for proper educational games I'd say they're a bit young for clever kids & junior brain trainer, I think ds had those when he was about 7y.

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