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love Ratchet and Clank but played them all to death

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OhYouSnowySnowyKitten Thu 02-Dec-10 20:38:02

Can anyone recommend any other similarish ps3 games please. Also loved psychonauts and used to like spyro before it got terrible. Tried Brutal legend but didn't get on with it.


Ryoko Sat 04-Dec-10 09:59:21

On PS3 thats a hard one, if you've still got an old PS2 and haven't played all the Ratchets you've got that and Jak, Sly, legend of Kai.

Hmmmmmm hows about Uncharted 1 and 2, damn good games, basically tomb raider with Han Solo-a-like instead of Lara Croft.

You've got 3D Dot Game Heroes a charming but hard to find game now (try Amazon) it's a old school Zelda clone, ever so cute little adventure game.

Toy Story 3 is spost to be really good like a lite version of Red Dead Redemption with platforming elements not played it myself tho (RDR is great everyone should own that).

Have you tried Mirrors edge it's a first person platformer not exactly the same I grant you but a good game for basic platfoming, combat is awful tho.

You've really picked a dying breed there and the wrong console as well for for 3d platformers I mean the only ones I can think of still doing that kind of thing is Nintendo and Sega and I wouldn't touch home console Sonic games with a barge poll now days.

Ryoko Sat 04-Dec-10 10:03:11

Oh and DarkSiders. very under rated game, got 0 media attention so can be got cheaply.

I'd advise that it's like what Brutal Legends should have been (I.E good).

Ryoko Wed 08-Dec-10 11:30:02

Sly Cooper/Raccoon is released as a HD Trilogy so there you go, not sure if it's retail or just download on PSN.

OhYouBadBadkitten Sat 19-Nov-11 18:33:47

blush I never answered this. Thank you Ryoko!

ElmoFan Sat 19-Nov-11 18:56:21

There's a new ratchet & clank game out now on Ps3 - i know because I've asked dh to get me it for Christmas grin

nancerama Sat 19-Nov-11 19:08:46

The Lego games are great fun, and can be played co op.

LittleBigPlanet is lovely. It will make you smile.

OhYouBadBadkitten Mon 21-Nov-11 18:16:33

Elmofan, I've struggled to get on with the new one, tis very very different in play. dd loves it. The cooperative aspect is good fun but for some reason it wont save levels in cooperative mode sad

Lego games were good at first, but I'm running out of interest on them (there is a new HP one out though)
LBP - again couldnt get into it.

what is wrong with me? i refuse to accept it might be my age. I just want a good old fashioned R&C or similar.

Oh I love R&C so much! I considered getting a PS3 for no other reason than to play the new games on it. But y'know, finances and all. So we have a Wii.

I really enjoyed playing De Blob recently. You're a sort of paintball thing and you have to bounce around, fill up with paint, squash enemies and paint buildings. So it's got a bit of exploration, a bit of jumping in the right place at the right time, extra challenges for extra points... I suppose it is a little like R&C but I'd never thought of it that way.

I've only played it on Wii obv, don't know what the PS3 version is like.

I would recommend Zelda, but that's Wii/DS only I think so no help at all, sorry!

OhYouBadBadkitten Mon 21-Nov-11 19:57:29

ooh, we do have a wii, so I could try Zelda. Thank you smile

Ryoko Tue 22-Nov-11 18:35:17

Get Skyward sword, best one since OOT in 1996/7 when ever it was.

OhYouBadBadkitten Wed 23-Nov-11 07:57:46

ok! I've emailed a link to dh for a Christmas present. thanks smile <rubs hands in glee>

Ohyoubadbadkitten Sat 05-May-12 22:09:28

Got skyrim today (swapped lots of old games for it at game) It's brilliant! A game to slide straight into. Hooray!

Ohyoubadbadkitten Sat 05-May-12 22:10:39

(didn't like zelda that much, getting fussy in me old age I reckon)

Ryoko Mon 07-May-12 19:51:09

Hardly the same thing but have you played Uncharted 1,2 and 3? they are damn good games, Indiana Jones in all but name.

Ohyoubadbadkitten Mon 07-May-12 20:32:21

Not yet smile
Hooked on skyrim now. As is dd, which is causing time share issues!

Ryoko Wed 09-May-12 17:17:46

Boyfriends playing that I think it looks pretty boring way too LOTR for me I prefer Fallout.

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