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Wii Game recommendations for kids please!

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Freddiecat Wed 24-Nov-10 17:39:30

We have a Wii and I would like to get the kids a game each for Christmas. We are going to get Wii Sports Resort as a family as we borrowed it and all enjoyed it.

My DS is 8 and my DD is 6. He's less of a problem as I'm thinking Mario Cart with a wheel. He'll play anything. My DD loves making Mii's but that's about all she does so I was thinking of something like that. She also likes dancing but would I be right in thinking that Just Dance is a bit too hard for a 6 year old? She'll just give up if it's too hard.

Any recommendations please? I don't want to buy duds!

inchhighprivateeye Wed 24-Nov-10 17:57:58

Maybe one of the iSing games so she can sing along? Babysitting Mama is a new one for girls but maybe a bit too gimmicky.

Shutupanddrive Thu 29-Sep-11 06:51:46

Mario kart with the steering wheels is great, get two wheels so they can play together

Ryoko Mon 03-Oct-11 18:11:14

Animal Crossing

RupertTheBear Mon 03-Oct-11 18:12:51

My 7 year old adores Just Dance and has done for ages. Highly recommended!

Feenie Mon 03-Oct-11 18:37:56

Club Penguin Game Day is good, and so is Donkey Kong Country Returns. Ooh, and New Super Mario brothers.

GreatBallsOfFluff Sun 11-Dec-11 22:59:02

My 6 Year old DD LOVES all the Just Dance games, and has done since the first one came out (whenever that was). Also if she likes making Miis, then possibly wii party is a good one. It uses only Miis, and the games are very quick and simple, although DD did take a bit of time getting used to how the games are and what to do to 'win'.

SingingSands Sun 11-Dec-11 23:01:17

My DD (age 7) has Just Dance 1 and 2 - must have been 6 when we got the first one. She LOVES them, as do all her friends. She's getting Just Dance 3 for Christmas!

It's a great cardio work out for me too - 30mins on it and I'm sweating buckets!

hidinginthecupboard Sun 11-Dec-11 23:09:01

I can't advise on other games as we only really play Mario kart in this house atm but agree with the suggestion of getting two steering wheels for that.

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Sun 11-Dec-11 23:11:49

Mario cart is good my 2 enjoy it. My dd is 8 and has just dance 1 and 2 everyone loves it. Not too hard for a 6 year old at all all the neighbourhood kids love it when they come round.

bruffin Sun 11-Dec-11 23:24:46

There is a Just Dance Kids and just dance juniors versions out. My DD ( abit older at 14) has always liked the singing games, I have just ordered Glee Kareoke for her for xmas.

springsummer2001 Tue 02-Apr-13 19:44:37

Does your DD like art. I can recommend the udraw game tablet and the game that usually comes with it but. A bit expensive but worth it maybe more of a Christmas or birthday present though. Just dance is great and there is a kids version available now which is even easier. Mario cart is brilliant I do recommend that

misskatamari Sat 10-Aug-13 10:36:11

We've just bought pikmin3 and it is amazing!! So cute and its got really fun multiplayer modes. One of the best games I've ever played.

Lego city undercover is awesome too. I don't normally like the Lego games but it is so much fun and you get to be loads of characters and drive around a massive city collecting things. So much fun!

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