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XBox or PS3?

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FoJo Fri 05-Nov-10 12:42:33

I'm hating this - but ....ds aged 9 wants one of the above. I know i need to do my own research but thought someone may be able to give me a bit of a start. He plays with other boys in our street who are 12 and they all have xbox and he likes the idea of being able to 'hook up' with them (I know that it costs extra to get this - xbox live?). However he has changed his mind and know thinks he'd prefer ps3 as my nephew has this and he can play 'live' with him instead. I know that ps3 is about £100 more than x box but does the facility of being able to play with other people come with that, or is it an extra for ps3 as well?

Thanks all

Ryoko Sat 06-Nov-10 13:11:01

At the moment Online wise it's around £35 a year for Xbox Live and it's free for the basic service on PS3 which includes the online games, PS3 is also better online in terms of arseholes, Xbox Live is full of foul mouthed xenophobic prepubescent American kids, if he plays against strangers in open games, don't use the headset, soon as you open your mouth and they hear an english accent you get a turret of abuse and if you give em lip back it just makes things worse, people have been complaining to Microsoft about it for years but it falls on death ears. no one says anything much on PSN mainly I think because you have to buy a Bluetooth headset for around £50+ to actually be able to understand what anyone is saying and even then it's still awful because the amount of data space they leave open for the voice chat is tiny so it all sounds rubbish.

Game wise tho, there are more games released on 360 then PS3, PS3 games are ports of 360 one, and as 360 is normally the lead platform, the PS3 versions tend to be inferior. As Sony are a Japanese centric they don't really go in much for online games in the same way the west does so many of the PS3 exclusive titles feature none or poor online features.

Also PS3 games tend to be more money then the 360 versions of the same title, they all so tend to drop in price less after release.

I play online with both and the 360 is the clear winner, more people, better games, better service, and I'm sure that over the course of a year the online subscription fee is canceled out by the over all lower cost of the games, so it all works out he same in the end.

Just be careful of the foul mouthed yanky kids, there are plenty of gaming forums and websites on the net where people pass around there gamertags, better to add a few of them to the friends list and play against them, then venture in to the open games.

Ryoko Sat 06-Nov-10 13:13:13

Deaf ears LOL blush

Simbacatlives Sat 06-Nov-10 13:19:04

Xbox- my son is 13- all his friends have xbox- they hook up. Daughters new boyfriend has it as well and it now teaching a masterclass in my dining room!

Ps3 seems to be more for adults.

Does he have a wii- more entry level- more child games.

Be careful what version of xbox you buy- some seem cheaper but need extras. I went into game where a young sales assistant took ages explaining it all. In the end I went for a more expensive one than he thought I needed but we haven't had to buy any extras (headset, x box live etc). Mine came with adult games which I sold on ebay- as the package was better than those with younger games.

Ryoko Sat 06-Nov-10 13:44:40

There is really only two now, since the release of the new smaller 360 (it's black and shiney like a PS3) a 4gig one that replaces the old Arcade package and the normal one that has a 250gig internal Hard Drive.

You get the one with the 250gig, you can install games to the hard drive, makes em load faster and saves your disc drive from wearing out so fast, plus plenty of room for online games.

Live and Live points for buying online content, such as games, is better bought as cards from shops/online retailers, they tend to have them on offers and be cheaper then buying via Xbox Live with a credit card, for instance I bought a live card from Zavvi for £33 it's 12 months plus 2 months free, same thing from was £38 online via Xbox Live itself it's £39 for just the 12.

serenity Sat 06-Nov-10 14:20:08

We have both, and tend to play more with the PS3 than with 360, but we don't really play online games with the consoles (do WoW on the PC, and DCs play Little Big Planet on the PS3) mainly for the reasons that have already been said - there are a lot of idiots online (plus I'm a bit of a tyrant/hypocrite over games. I hate Call of Duty and such like, and those tend to be the kind of games that spawn online communities)

BTW, DH says it's not strictly speaking true that games are built on the 360 and ported over - just as many originate on the PS3.

Ryoko Sat 06-Nov-10 15:07:07

I work for Sega, due to the platforms similarity with the PC, 360 production is cheaper and faster, then trying to make something from the ground up on PS3 especially when the Dev tools handed out by Sony are a nightmare, pretty much all our games are built for 360 and ported, it's easier that way the Cell processor is a nightmare to work with.

only time a title starts out on PS3 is if there was no 360 version planned from the start or when the company making the thing are Japanese they tend to prefer PS3 mainly because the 360 has no customers in that country, but if a title is being made for the western audience as so many are now that the Japanese games industry is dying, they all so pick 360 as lead format.

FoJo Sun 07-Nov-10 14:37:40

Blimey, thanks folks (I think!!). I reckon I might pass this over to dh to sort out, there's a lot to think about!!
However (I know this sounds really daft) he seems to be more bothered now about this 'football' league thing that him and his cousin are going to set up (if he gets a ps3). so can they 'communicate' with each other on the ps3 without actually talking, kind of like msn or something?

Thanks again

Ryoko Sun 07-Nov-10 15:11:31

Yes, email type message service is on both machines

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