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ITV Sundays 10.30am Living on the Veg

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AppleJane Mon 13-Jan-20 06:40:23

10 part Vegan cookery series with the Bosh boys.

Episode one available now on catch up smile

Ginfordinner Mon 13-Jan-20 06:50:29

I'm a fan of them anyway. I watch a lot of their cookery videos on Facebook. Their recipes are inspirational.

AppleJane Mon 13-Jan-20 09:18:34

Definitely! I know I should make all the healthy recipes featured but I'm very tempted to try the sticky toffee pudding first grin

Ginfordinner Mon 13-Jan-20 11:08:31

Been looking unsuccessfully for tapioca flour. I hate it when an unusual ingredient is used on a cookery programme and we are told that it is "widely available"

theneverendinglaundry Mon 13-Jan-20 11:56:27

Their recipes have really inspired me the last few months, definitely helped get me out of a meal planning rut!

Tapioca flour is available from Ocado, if that helps?

AppleJane Tue 14-Jan-20 07:26:02

It's well worth having tapioca flour in the cupboard. Not just for vegan cheese but cakes too. And you can use it for homemade toiletries. When mixed with Shea butter for example it makes hand cream less greasy.

ForTheLoveOfCatFood Tue 14-Jan-20 09:20:14

Loved the show, really like their books and Facebook page. Want to try the sticky toffee pud and the filo parcels

AppleJane Tue 14-Jan-20 18:12:20

@ForTheLoveOfCatFood me too! Really looking forward to Sunday's now. Even my DP watched it which is unheard of for a cooking show.

BoredOfTheBoard Sat 18-Jan-20 08:18:58

I didnt know that was on. Definitely gonna watch it, thanks for.the heads up

cricketmum84 Sat 18-Jan-20 11:24:30

I'm unsure. I found the recipes a bit long winded when they could be made a lot more simple. Will see if they win me over tomorrow.

Another good vegan cooking show is Dirty Vegan. It's on bbc I player on catchup at the moment. Presented by Matt Pritchard of dirty sanchez fame. Even my anti-veg DH is enjoying it.

Redpriestandmozart Sat 18-Jan-20 21:18:06

I love a lot of their recipes but alarmed at the amount of oil they use in so many of the recipes. I like the Bosh videos that are only a few minutes long on YouTube.

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