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Naan bread recipes

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ForTheLoveOfCatFood Thu 09-Jan-20 22:49:20

Has anyone got a good recipe for vegan naan bread? I’ve seen a few different ones online some very complex so looking for a tried and tested one smile

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jan-20 22:51:04

It’s a cheat, but I use the Jamie Oliver flatbread recipe with alpro yoghurt.

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jan-20 22:52:25

This here...

It obviously isn’t naan but tastes very similar, especially if you add coriander or cumin seeds to the dough.

ForTheLoveOfCatFood Fri 10-Jan-20 06:32:09

Oh thank you, I’ll give that a try!

Teddyreddy Fri 10-Jan-20 06:40:35

These ones are good

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