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Vegan/GF Breadmaker Recipes

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Synecdoche Mon 30-Dec-19 20:45:17

I'm looking to buy a breadmaker with some Christmas money to make both regular and GF bread.

I've had a look at some with GF settings, but the recipes included in the booklets all use milk and/or eggs.

Does anyone use a breadmaker for vegan GF bread? Can you recommend any particular models or recipes?

I just don't want to shell out for a machine and find I can't use it! I can spend between £150-200.

I'd be grateful for any recommendations please!

pastabest Mon 30-Dec-19 20:56:12

I think you are probably best off just giving up on bread as a concept grin. Sorry.

From experience, the only decent gluten free bread recipes tend to have egg or milk or butter in. Anything else is basically inedible and a bread machine won't fix that. I suppose you could always try substituting egg with aquafaba but it might be one compromise too far.

Synecdoche Mon 30-Dec-19 21:18:08

I can make a decent GF/VG loaf by hand but was hoping I could mechanise the process! One recipe uses aquafaba so that's a good shout. Do you know if 'by hand' recipes equate to machines? Bread would be a really useful addition to my diet, so fingers crossed.

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