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Any vegan mums with a vegan toddler?

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Superleo837 Sat 21-Dec-19 09:12:49

My little one is 14 months and he’s 80% vegan for the last few months. I’ve noticed he’s slimmed down a lot and a few others have mentioned too. I know they do slim down at this age. He has an amazing diet - currently chomping on avocado toast. I make sure he has a very full and varied diet. I suspect a dairy intolerance as his eczema has completely gone as too has his wheezy chest. I’m just wondering if anyone had found similar? 🌱🤗

LauraMipsum Sat 21-Dec-19 10:23:04

Not a toddler any more, and not fully vegan (DD is vegan at home with us but veggie for school dinners) but ours is healthy and full of energy.

I'm sure it's language rather than intent but I don't like the word "slimming" for babies! Most children do lose the baby-barrel shape at around a year though as they start walking and running round.

Superleo837 Sat 21-Dec-19 10:44:15

Yes slimmed down isn’t the right word for a toddler. He’s got so much more energy and I suspect he’s running around more now. I’m glad yours are thriving. My eldest is similar to yours veggie at school although he has a vegan lunchbox -he had the veggie Xmas dinner at school last week.

Nothanks1 Tue 07-Jan-20 01:15:17

I have a vegan 2 year old who’s been vehan from conception/birth. She was a Michelin man with rolls for days from the day she was born but when she started walking it melted off. She’s still got lovely bits of chub where she needs it but she’s mostly slimmer and more muscular than the other toddlers we come across who tend to be more potbellied and run a lot slower 😬 that might sound offensive. I don’t mean it to be I’m just not sure how else to describe it. I used to get worried and I was guilty of adding extra calories with omega 3 rich oils to her food because I was terrified I might end up somehow malnourishing her even though she’s far healthier than every child we know. I stopped that because she quickly realised I was messing with her food lol and wasn’t a fan of oily rice or veg. She has beautiful long dark brown hair, fast growing strong nails, never had a single patch of eczema or rash in her life other than a bad case of nappy rash once when we were struggling with reusable nappies and blow outs 😬 she was crawling at 5 months and fully walking at 8 months 3 weeks and the HV sung her praises in her 2 year developmental check where she sailed through every task. I appreciate not everything is to do with her diet but I just wanted to reassure you about the weight thing. We are so used to seeing chubby as healthy but it really isn’t. Underweight is obviously still not good but slimmer children are usually a lot more agile and find climbing easier etc. That doesn’t go for all toddlers but I’ve definitely found it with my daughter and our friends who have vegan children. Hope this helps!

Stronger2020 Tue 07-Jan-20 01:20:40


RainbowMum11 Tue 07-Jan-20 01:43:13

I'm perhaps not on the right page here, but my DD is incredibly active, slim, fit & tall and has an incredibly healthy diet which also includes natural foods such as eggs, milk & cheese.

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