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Best vegan cheeses? Especially for melting

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PlushPlush Wed 11-Dec-19 17:48:43

I'm a long-time vegetarian with vegan aspirations. I now happily buy oat milk and plant-based marg, but my downfall is cheese!

The vegan cheese I've bought in stores so far has been vile when melted. Help!

I did have an amazing "cheesy" vegan pizza in a pub recently so I know it's possible...

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Sun 15-Dec-19 21:04:44

The applewood vegan cheese gets great reviews and is apparently stocked in Asda, just none near me.

turkeyontheplate Sun 15-Dec-19 21:08:17

All vegan "cheese" is the devil's own smegma.

NotJustACigar Sat 21-Dec-19 10:50:25

I order cheese from Lafauxmagerie now, although they're sold out now because of an avalanche of Christmas orders,! Their cheeses are amazing and I even eat crackers and cheese again with chutney, etc which I would never do with the ones from the grocery store. They're expensive but I save so much on my weekly food shop being vegan that I put some of that towards my Lafauxmagerie orders.
Otherwise, applewood smoked is good melted on for example a pizza or lasagna (but the white witch or the meunster from Lafauxmagerie are even better than applewood melted).

BlouseAndSkirt Sat 21-Dec-19 11:54:24

What is your philosophy behind veganism?

Goats cheese doesn’t have the same environmental impact as the wider dairy industry.

If you like goat cheese I would use a small amount of that rather than the, yes, devil’s smeg that is vegan cheese.

NotJustACigar Sat 21-Dec-19 12:57:59

Vegan cheese used to all be nasty and disgusting - that really, really isn't the case anymore! Have a look here (but you'll have to wait until after Christmas now to order)

BaolFan Sun 22-Dec-19 12:08:32

Watching with interest.

Been vegan for just over 2 months now, having decided that we'd give it a go after doing meatless meals during the week.

I haven't found a vegan cheese yet that doesn't taste or smell utterly rank. I adore cheese so it's been my biggest struggle - at the moment I'm just avoiding it - and I'd love to find one that's good.

BaolFan Sun 22-Dec-19 12:10:30

Just looked at La Fauxmagerie - I'm in London in the new year for work so will see if I can bunk off for a couple of hours and go and visit! If I get a chance I will report back...

AiryFairyMum Sun 22-Dec-19 12:14:33

Violife is great.

BaolFan Sun 22-Dec-19 14:13:24

Sadly Violife is on my "never again" list! I know I am mega fussy though.

Seriously, the person who manages to create a decent tasting and nicely melting vegan cheese, and get it on the shelves of the major supermarkets, is going to make a bloody fortune...

AiryFairyMum Sun 22-Dec-19 16:00:57

Which violife did you try? ⁹

BaolFan Sun 22-Dec-19 16:14:23

I think it was a cheddar? Can't remember - it was in Asda and on the list to try!!

NotJustACigar Sun 22-Dec-19 16:28:26

I don't like Violife either but vegan Applewood smoked will do in a pinch. Do let us know how you get on at Lafauxmagerie, Baolfan I wonder if they do tastings in the shop (I've just ordered online so far but may have to make a pilgrimage!).

Ocomeocomeimaginaryfleas Sun 22-Dec-19 16:47:51

I did have an amazing "cheesy" vegan pizza in a pub recently so I know it's possible...

Please ask them and report back!

PlushPlush Mon 23-Dec-19 14:22:14

Omg I just realised La Fauxmagerie is only a 30 min walk from where I live! Will definitely be checking that out in the new year smile

ANewUsername321 Tue 24-Dec-19 09:07:05

I've tried lots of vegan cheeses and the best I've found is Koko cheddar. It melts really well and doesn't have that rank coconut after taste. You can find it in some health food shops and some of the bigger Waitrose shops with vegan sections.

mintyneb Tue 24-Dec-19 09:20:06

Pizza Express and zizzi use something called mozzarisella. Melts well although its creamer than regular mozzarella.

Ginfordinner Tue 24-Dec-19 09:22:26

IMO Tyne Chease is the best that I have tried. I really don't like Violife (aka vile life) or the Koko cheeses that I have tried. They have a vanillery aftertaste to me. Fauxmagerie sounds intriguing.

Fraggling Tue 24-Dec-19 09:25:14

What is vegan cheese made of? Going to have a Google grin

I mean it's not actually cheese is it so that might be why it's a struggle to find something that behaves the same. Maybe some lateral thinking?

MustardScreams Tue 24-Dec-19 09:27:25

No Moo Melty is really, really good. Makes the best and most delicious mac & cheese/cauli cheese/cheese toasties. Melts really well, doesn’t split or curdle.

Bit pricey, but a little goes a long way and it lasts well.

MustardScreams Tue 24-Dec-19 09:27:50

I ate it willingly when not even vegan, it’s that nice!

Bubblysqueak Tue 24-Dec-19 09:36:04

Mouse's favourite camembert is amazing. It actually melts and tastes very similar to real camembert.

I recommend any vegan cheese made with almonds or nuts rather than coconut as the I find the taste and texture not great.

BaolFan Tue 24-Dec-19 11:09:31

Interesting updates. I think the reason why I have struggled so far is that they've all been made from coconut oil and I hate coconut!

RhythimIsRhythim Tue 24-Dec-19 11:16:11

Cut a block of violife into thick slices and fry like halloumi. It goes crispy on the outside, melts in the middle. Like a cross between mac n cheese edges, and baked Camembert, texture wise.

Nutcrafter creamery is good for more cheeseboard type stuff.

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