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hormonesorDHbeingadick Mon 07-Oct-19 12:17:14

Can anyone suggest any warming winter stew recipes, ideally with little effort and not spicy for the fussy 3 year old. Thanks

BertrandRussell Mon 07-Oct-19 12:23:32

We’re not vegan or even vegetarian but Moroccan Hot Pot is a real favourite. I’ve never come across anyone who doesn’t like it. You can tweak the vegetables if there are particular ones she doesn’t like.

Teddybear45 Mon 07-Oct-19 12:25:52

Any Indian veg curry can be made vegan, and most are designed to be suitable for kids (authentic India based websites like tarladalal and vegrecipiesofIndia will show you how to make it home style so they aren’t spicy at all). Aloo mattar

Teddybear45 Mon 07-Oct-19 12:26:37

Aloo mattar, aloo gobi, and a lot of cashew curries can be made stew style over a long period of time to really infuse flavour

iklboo Mon 07-Oct-19 12:31:05

We're not vegan but RED DRAGON PIE is absolutely gorgeous. Not a stew, but very warming & filling.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 07-Oct-19 16:35:29

Tuscan bean stew is delicious. My favourite versions are by James Martin and this one but the latter only serves 2 and requires quite a bit of chopping and measuring! This one looks a bit simpler

Simon Rimmer’s Mediterranean stew I don’t make the potato cakes, I buy Warburtons’s or serve with mash.

Nigel Slater’s almond lentil stew

Red lentil stew

stucknoue Mon 07-Oct-19 16:47:10

Add (canned) mixed beans, chopped tomatoes to a base of sautéed onion, carrots, celery and garlic. Add paprika to taste and fresh parsley. The only issue is that it's probably a bit high in fibre to protein for a 3 year old, they need a more fats and if they don't eat meat or fish or dairy, maybe tofu would be ok. I serve it with Toulouse sausage

highheelsandbobblehats Mon 07-Oct-19 16:48:32

Only this morning I was pondering vegan stews. How timely!

BertrandRussell Mon 07-Oct-19 16:50:47

I was just about to give the recipe for cannellini beurre blanc which children adore- then I remembered what beurre is.......

Lunde Mon 07-Oct-19 16:54:47

A coconut dhal -

This site has a collection of vegan stews and casseroles

Apileofballyhoo Mon 07-Oct-19 16:58:31

Could you sub olive oil for the butter, BR?

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