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Meal planning for center parks

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Serenrose Wed 02-Oct-19 12:47:07

We are off to centre parks and I'm looking for ideas of vegan meals for the family, or meals we can adapt to be vegan (toddler does eat meat). We plan to do a food shop when we get there and just take basics in the car. Any ideas welcome!

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 02-Oct-19 16:50:35

cookie and kate has a list of 25 recipes that are vegan, and all the ones i have tried have been lovely x

Electrocute1980 Wed 02-Oct-19 17:03:07

When we went I took pizzas for the first night, a home made pasta sauce, pasta and garlic bread for one night, beyond burgers which we did on the bbq another night.

tinytemper66 Wed 02-Oct-19 17:10:22

There is a Morrisons about 3 miles from the one at Longleat as it is v expensive to buy at CP.

Serenrose Thu 03-Oct-19 14:42:36

Thanks everyone, for some reason I only just saw these messages.

We have planned:

Pesto pasta, garlic bread
Vegan chilli with rice
Pub lunch on Sunday
Variety of packed lunches.

The link looks great, thanks for that.

stucknoue Thu 03-Oct-19 14:49:30

Depending on where you are going, check the pub is suitable ... had the surprising experience in Yorkshire this year of no vegetarian food at all on Sundays (only option was a roast and they had sausage meat in the stuffing and potatoes cooked in beef fat so couldn't even eat the accompaniments.) if you live in the south east don't assume it's ok in rural areas. I managed to persuade them to cook dd egg and chips (she's not vegan I eat meat) but they grumbled (their normal mon-sat menu had bean burgers etc)

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