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Pesto recipe

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lastqueenofscotland Wed 02-Oct-19 12:15:10

Planning on making a few different pestos to keep as quick meals
Anyone got any good ideas for them? The last vegan one I made was horrible

cushioncovers Tue 29-Oct-19 21:34:55

I just buy the ready made free from vegan pesto. Probably not the answer you were looking for.

timshelthechoice Tue 29-Oct-19 21:37:59

coriander makes great pesto!

OneTerrificMouse Tue 29-Oct-19 21:39:50

I make a lovely oregano one. But that's because I have loads of oregano growing in the garden.

Daddylonglegs1965 Tue 29-Oct-19 21:41:22

Look at deliciously Ella’s recipe for this and other recipes

NannyR Tue 29-Oct-19 21:41:29

I make a nice one with a bag of spinach, watercress and rocket salad, some roasted garlic cloves, olive oil and walnuts.

BurpingFrog Tue 29-Oct-19 21:42:41

I find lemon juice and a little more olive oil (extra virgin so it has a bite) gives it the kick that can be missing from lack of cheese.

BurpingFrog Tue 29-Oct-19 21:43:55

These all sound yummy!
Btw the one I was referring to was bog standard green pesto: basil, pine nuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice

forkfun Tue 29-Oct-19 21:45:59

Kale pesto is delicious. A girl called Jack has a great recipe. No cheese needed.

Todayisanewday75 Sun 03-Nov-19 08:07:05

100g pine nuts (50g for a lighter version)
50g basil leaves
5 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic
Juice 1 lemon
Toast pine nuts, leave to cool then blitz everything

Can swap pine nuts for any other nut, eg cashews, walnuts, brazils. And use other herbs eg parsley, coriander

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 03-Nov-19 08:09:34

Follow a basil pesto recipe but replace the parmesan with ground cashews.

WilmaJean Sun 03-Nov-19 08:26:27

You won't be able to do this until wild garlic is in season but the vegan version of this is delicious.

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