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Vegan Christmas?

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IJumpedAboardAPirateShip Mon 30-Sep-19 04:23:22

I know it feels a bit far in advance but thinking I should trial run some ideas

Anyone having a fully vegan Christmas Day? My parents are staying and we usually do fish the night before, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, Beef or turkey and all the trimmings or dinner. Last year we went to friends and they veganised the meal for me, the year before went to my parents and again they gave me vegan options. I’m the only vegan in my house and I really want to try to do an extra special vegan Christmas dinner but also don’t want to be a patronising arse...

Does anyone have any truly spectacular vegan Christmas Day ideas that I can blow them out of the park with so no room to complain about lack of pigs in blankets?!?

I love to cook so very happy to try out some more complicated recipes....I’ve done nut roast and stuffed squash etc before and while they like it I don’t know it’s special enough

CodenameVillanelle Mon 30-Sep-19 04:35:34

We do, but as 90% of the family are veggie including 2 vegans it's not really a big thing. We have nut roast and all the trimmings.

plantsplantsplants Mon 30-Sep-19 08:56:40

My omnivore parents loved my vegan haggis Wellington, and my (omnivore) sister who wouldn't try the haggis is partial to some Linda McCartney sausages in thick onion gravy with a roast dinner. I'm vaguely considering my caramelised red onion and minted pea puree pie with all the trimmings this year!

In terms of breakfast, we always have something sweet like homemade chocolate croissants or gingerbread muffins, so I'm not too sure about savoury ones - some sort of mushroom pâté on toast? Tomato bruschetta?

In terms of the night before, I don't know what your traditions are but the meals I've cooked for my family that have impressed the most have been peri peri hassleback potatoes with garlic mushrooms and salad, and a curry night with a choice of curries, poppadoms, homemade samosas and homemade naan breads.

In terms of the pigs in blankets though, I just say that if there's anything they know they can't do without that I won't have, they should bring it. Other than milk for their coffee, they have never brought anything! (And my Dad would choose red meat at every meal if he could). (Also they take oat milk in their coffee now, I am very proud!)

horse4course Mon 30-Sep-19 09:04:35

Do your parents know they're in for a vegan Xmas? Are you opposed to any meat at all in your house?

We've done basic bit of turkey for meat eaters before, so they have a small bit, then loads of nice veggie pies and nut roast etc. But for some meat eaters not having turkey would make it not Christmas dinner, I'm not sure Christmas Day is the day to discover new eating habits!

IJumpedAboardAPirateShip Mon 30-Sep-19 15:17:41

@horse4course I would let them know in advance of course! We live abroad and they’re staying with us for 2 weeks, they will have some meat in that time (my DH and DC are not vegan but do eat mainly vegan food)....neither of them like turkey really so they normally have beef or goose so they don’t necessarily have the same meal every year.

I think what I want is to present them with a vegan plan that sounds special enough for them to agree to eschew a big roast meat in the day (I don’t mind having it in the house but will cost a fortune as I’m super picky about where we buy our meat if we ever have it - by we I mean the other 3 in my house!)

LauraMipsum Wed 09-Oct-19 12:51:15

This will be my 4th vegan Christmas.

So far we've done

Stuffed seitan roulade:
Easier than it looks, and it tasted good (I usually find home made seitan has an odd aftertaste, but this one was fine). It worked as an impressive centrepiece.

Mushroom wellington - can't remember exactly which recipe - worked well, although at the end of the day it is just pie.

Dreena Burton's Festive Chickpea Tart -
I thought this was fantastic, but the words "chickpea tart" might put off meat eaters because they will assume it's going to be boring.

Not sure what I'm doing this year yet....

NotAnotherFeckingMuftiDay Wed 09-Oct-19 13:07:38

This book by Rose Elliot is worth a look - it's my favourite Christmas cookbook. Although it is called Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Christmas, lots of the recipes are easily adapted for vegans.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 09-Oct-19 17:43:58

La Boulangere vegan croissant with scrambled tofu.
Spiced apple, raisin and cinnamon porridge made with almond milk.

Dinner ideas:
Linda McCartney Beef roast with red wine and shallot glaze
Waitrose Root en croute
Waitrose sausage wreath
Asda extra special vegan wellington
Asda chickpea and cranberry wellington

Christmas pud
Asda raspberry torte
Trifle made with whipped coconut milk, Alpro custard, Just Wholefoods jelly crystals etc...

Vegan cheeseboard: smoked Applewood vegan cheese alternative, Sainsbury’s cheddar alternative, Asda double Gloucester alternative with onion and chive, Asda blue cheese alternative, Sheese Red Leicester.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 09-Oct-19 17:57:09

Love the sound of the chickpea tart. Definitely want to give it a try.

Breakfast: avocado roast with stuff to jazz it up
Muffins or pastries

Tea: pate, nice bread or crackers, grapes, celery, pickles
M&S are doing vegan mince pies

jaynelittle Thu 10-Oct-19 20:19:55

The Vegan mince pies we bought last year from Lottie Shaw's Yorkshire bakery are amazing. They do a rum iced and gin iced vegan version too. They also do a vegan gingerbread man for the kids. Must be tried as a Christmas treat.

IJumpedAboardAPirateShip Thu 10-Oct-19 21:00:22

Loving the vegan breakfast ideas and yes chickpea tart sounds great too. DM has said she’d like a roasted joint so I’m going to do an all out spectacular vegan Christmas Eve and make myself the nicest looking Main for Christmas Day to make them all jealous

Luaa Wed 16-Oct-19 08:27:16

In my house I'm vegan, the rest are vegetarian and Christmas is vegan. People are told they are welcome to come but that we don't have meat in our house.

Last year I made a seitan and stuffing roast and a mushroom and chestnut tart.

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