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Vegan breakfast which can just be lifted out of the fridge and snarfed in seconds?

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TalullahTheTigress Thu 26-Sep-19 11:52:23

Any ideas?

I'm not vegan, but like lots of families, we are trying to really reduce our consumption of animal products.

I do the school run and then the baby and I tend to go on to a playgroup or class immediately, so I never have time for proper breakfast. Yes, I could get up earlier, so I can eat before the dcs, but basically, I love my sleep too much!

So today I had no breakfast and then got home at about 11.30 and stuffed my (already fat) face blush. This obviously can't continue or I will be ENORME by Christmas.

Any delicious vegan breakfast recipes I can eat quickly on the hoof?

Initial ideas are smoothies wirh vegan protein powder, which I could make the night before and put in water bottles and / or breakfast muffins. If anyone has tried any recipes for these and would like to share that would be fab.

mumderland Thu 26-Sep-19 12:01:20

Overnight oats or a smoothie

TalullahTheTigress Thu 26-Sep-19 12:02:54

I find overnight oats take ages to eat for some reason...

Yes, smoothie might be a plan.

DoctorAllcome Thu 26-Sep-19 17:09:54

Amy’s Breakfast Scramble Wrap is really good. Takes 3mins in microwave.

Lwmommy Thu 26-Sep-19 17:12:54

Cook up pancakes the day before
Cereal with milk substitute

TalullahTheTigress Thu 26-Sep-19 17:30:21

Oh that wrap looks amazing! I wonder if I could make my own version and freeze...

I'll have a look at that link- thank you. I, being a greedy bastard, would also end up stuffing my aforementioned fat face at lunchtime if I ate just a banana for breakfast.

Ricekrispie22 Thu 26-Sep-19 18:40:44

Raspberry coconut balls
Or a cherry version
Or apricot

UrsulaPandress Thu 26-Sep-19 18:42:18

If you are overweight start doing 16:8. Then you don’t need to eat until you get home.

Queenoftheashes Thu 26-Sep-19 18:43:42

I’d have a hummus sandwich but that’s prob controversial for breakfast

Onesailwait Thu 26-Sep-19 19:02:17

My eldest is Vegan this month!. She has a peanut butter, applesauce & bannana wrap. Makes it the night befor & eats it on the way to the bus. She says its delicious

BikeRunSki Thu 26-Sep-19 19:07:16

Peanut butter sandwich

Jamhandprints Thu 26-Sep-19 19:10:25

Almond milk bircher
Fruit salad and soya yogurt

PersephoneThePony Thu 26-Sep-19 20:51:10

Ursula, thank you. Yes, I am a smidgen ok, 20 lbs blush overweight. The problem is, that eith 16:8 alone, I end up grazing all afternoon. I have had success combining it with 'No S', but that no longer works, as school runs etc and kids meal times get in the way of my carefully planned three, healthy meals in an eight hour window iyswim?

I'm going to try No S from tomorrow. I definitely think I need to break my snack habit and I think that would work for me. Although, I hear progress is very slow on it.

Thanks all for these suggestions as well! I've bought a pack of frozen green smoothie mix and I have a reusable cup with a straw which goes in the cup holder on my pushchair. Hurrah! I also have all the ingredients for tofu based, buckwheat pancakes.

I've seen a recipe for freezable vegan breakfast burritos too, which I'm definitely going to try.

I'm partial to all things nut butter, so yes, a sandwich might do too.

PersephoneThePony Thu 26-Sep-19 20:51:38

Boo, name change fail. It's me though (op).

MrsGarethSouthgate Thu 26-Sep-19 20:54:29

The tofu scramble wrap is lovely, and I'm sure you could reproduce and batch cook in advance.

MrsGarethSouthgate Thu 26-Sep-19 20:58:31

There's a Mexican rice one that's nice as well.

choppolata Sat 05-Oct-19 15:36:19

I made this version of the Amy's burritos last year (Christmas party season hangover cure!) and they were pretty good.

PersephoneThePony Sat 05-Oct-19 17:03:41

Oh thanks for that choppo. How were they from the freezer please? Do you wrap them in foil? Does it not stick to the burrito so you can't unwrap them to microwave?

Sorry for all the questions?????

choppolata Sat 05-Oct-19 20:10:03

They were ace! I wrapped them in kitchen roll and then foil so it didn't stick. Whack them in the microwave, re wrap in foil, chuck in handbag and enjoy on the train. smile

madcatladyforever Sat 05-Oct-19 20:13:43

I have Huel for breakfast with ice cubes in it.

Pinkarsedfly Sat 05-Oct-19 20:24:01

Rice Krispies/Cornflakes/etc with oat milk.

Toast with vegan spread and jam.

A soya yoghurt and fruit.

Porridge made with non-dairy milk.

WalkofShame Sat 05-Oct-19 20:27:38

I couldn’t get on with overnight oats till I realised that you can heat them up a bit.

Oats, coconut milk, cinnamon, peanut butter and banana. Bing in the microwave for 30 secs to take the chill off. Lush!

BertieBotts Sat 05-Oct-19 20:29:57

Buy fresh rolls out frozen part bake and pre bake the night before.

1x roll sliced in half, spread with honey or peanut butter, topped with banana slices.

BertieBotts Sat 05-Oct-19 20:30:22

Not out, or. My phone is being a bit of a pain at the moment.

Keepthebloodynoisedown Sat 05-Oct-19 20:44:37

Chia pudding is nice, I found the texture much nicer than over night oats, or oat cups, cook loads in a muffin tin and then freeze them.

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