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Indulgent dinners

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mymonkeysmycircus Sun 22-Sep-19 17:26:00

I'm currently vegetarian but looking to reduce my dairy and egg consumption. I've tried being a full time vegan before but always end up not feeling properly full and really missing cheesy suppers. I tend to cook curries, falafel, chilli, tomato based pasta etc when vegan. I get bored of chickpeas!

What are your comfort dinners for a treaty meal?

Ricekrispie22 Mon 23-Sep-19 05:13:08

Use vegan cheese to replace normal cheese. My favourite replacement cheddar is Asda Free from Mature Cheddar Alternative. It is virtually indistinguishable from cows’-milk Cheddar. It crumbles slightly but also has a firm block texture. You can grate it, melt it, or cut it into chunks or slices – basically, it is a perfect all-purpose cheese.
Nutritional yeast is good for adding a cheesy flavour to dishes. It’s ideal for putting in sauces, and it also contains loads of essential vitamins such as B12.
The best substitute for Parmesan is Follow Your Heart dairy free Italian-style shredded hard cheese alternative. It does a really good job of mimicking pre-grated parmesan in its appearance. It has an intensely savoury, salty flavour and a texture that melts on the tongue. It would be great sprinkled over pastas and risottos.I’ve only seen in on Ocado though, so if you don’t shop with Ocado, the Sainsbury’s version isn’t bad either.
Sainsbury’s also do the best Greek style alternative to feta which I would serve in a vegan Greek salad or crumbled over roasted veg.

Jamie Oliver has a good recipe for macaroni cheese using both nutritional yeast and vegan cheese.
Shepherd’s pie

I also like Goodfella’s vegan pizzas.

You could also use vegan Quorn products to add a bit of variety to your meals.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 02-Oct-19 20:20:58

Vegan sausages (Sainsbo''s Shroomdogs) with lentils - it's really rich and warming and comforting. Serves two.

Fry 6 sausages until lightly browned - doesn't matter if not quite cooked through.

Slice two carrots on the diagonal. Peel and halve 6 shallots. Crush three cloves garlic.

Fry in a casserole dish that can also go in the oven. Add some dried or fresh thyme. Add a glass of red wine, a stock cube and some water. Add a teaspoon of chilli jam and a teaspoon of a sweeter jam like plum. damson or blackcurrant.

Shove it in the oven until the veggie is softened. Add a packet of Merchant Gourmet Puy lentils, the sausages and a couple of teaspoons of Bisto. Shove back in the oven until the sausages are warmed through and it's all nicely thickened.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 02-Oct-19 20:21:50

And it goes REALLY well with cauliflower cheese, although I've not yet tried a vegan version of that!

ilovetofu Wed 02-Oct-19 20:22:48

Ooo I would like to reduce my dairy intake. Going to follow for good alternative suggestions! smile

Teddybear45 Wed 02-Oct-19 20:23:11

Aloo mattar or rajma chawal.

ilovetofu Wed 02-Oct-19 20:23:22

Where do you get nutritional yeast from please?

PurpleDaisies Wed 02-Oct-19 20:23:31

Mushroom stroganoff made with Oatley creme fraiche has that creamy, indulgent thing going on.

LeftieLovegood Wed 02-Oct-19 22:16:30

I get my nutritional yeast from Holland and Barrett @ilovetofu !

ilovetofu Thu 03-Oct-19 09:43:51

Thank you @LeftieLovegood
And what's it made from?

LeftieLovegood Thu 03-Oct-19 09:55:53

@ilovetofu Ermmm... It's yeast! grin It's ingredients are 100% dried inactive yeast. Looks a bit like fish food as it's flakes of yellow stuff, but tastes good and full of nutrients!

StarryNightWithGrazingDeer Thu 03-Oct-19 12:28:44

King oyster mushrooms are really substantial and have a proper umami taste.

I like aivar mixed with a little lemon olive oil for a creamy dip.

When I could eat nuts, I used to add pistachio, cashew or macadamia butters to curries for creaminess as a treat.

Amy’s Kitchen rice Mac n cheeze is pretty good as a junky treat if you cook it til the top is really crispy.

DH cuts thick slices of Violife likes it’s halloumi and fries in in a pan with just a wee brush of oil. The edges go sticky and crispy and it’s properly gooey in the middle (not just the halloumi style one, any of the solid blocks).

For a cheeseboard, he likes Nutcrafter Creamery things. Tyne Cheeze is also good.

Celeriac cut into chips, then parboiled then roast go really meaty and crispy too.

Electrocute1980 Fri 04-Oct-19 13:55:46

My two favourites are from the Bosh! book. One is the red Thai curry which is super easy to make and absolutely AMAZING!

For proper comfort food I love their creamy mac and greens which is basically vegan mac and cheese but with roasted broccoli, red onions and marinaded mushrooms.

I am so hungry now!

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Oct-19 14:11:47

I forgot about the bosh book. I love their cauliflower wings

dontpooyoureyesturnbrown Fri 04-Oct-19 21:28:26

Can you really use the words 'indulgent ' and 'vegan ' in the same sentence?hmm

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 05-Oct-19 18:36:00

Yes. Next?

LadyAndiBella Mon 07-Oct-19 16:31:12

It's all just mushy veggies
Masquerading as meat

MustardScreams Mon 07-Oct-19 16:33:58

Why come onto the vegan board to be a knobend? What a pointless exercise.

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