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May I have a little show off?

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MyGhastIsFlabbered Sat 24-Aug-19 20:21:23

May I present vegan 'camembert' with garlic hedgehog loaf.

RebornFlame Mon 26-Aug-19 20:54:10

I need to know more!! I’m about to take the vegan plunge and cheese is my biggest worry. That looks gorgeous 🌱

MyGhastIsFlabbered Wed 28-Aug-19 12:28:08

Thank you! I'm not going to lie, vegan cheese leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn't say this was overly camembert-y but it was very nice, and disappeared in minutes!

IveGotAlpen Wed 28-Aug-19 12:29:04

That looks amazing ! Can I come round please grin

MyGhastIsFlabbered Wed 28-Aug-19 12:59:51

Of course...bring wine or gin 😀

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