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What are your vegan food cupboard staples?

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Napoleon66 Thu 22-Aug-19 16:42:52

Hi all,
I'm in my 4th week of eating Vegan having noticed that over the past year or so I've rarely been eating meat. I'm interested to know what are your food cupboard staples. So far I've bought miso paste, tahini and nutritional yeast flakes as they seem to be frequently listed ingredients. I'm also wheat free and using lentil or spelt pasta, rye or oat bread. Not really keen on tofu/tempeh so I think I'll focus on whole foods rather than meat substitutes.

LiliesAndChocolate Thu 22-Aug-19 20:26:42

I wouldn't classify tofu as a meat substitute. It is a food on its own and has been since ages, way before factories and food engineering were invented.

My pantry has:
- bags of dry legumes and beans (chickpeas, lentils and so on) and a couple of cans for the emergencies
- Black and red rice (I don't eat pasta)
- quinoa
-- nuts especially almonds, walnuts, brazil nut (for selenium) and cashew for vegan cheese
- seeds , especially chia seeds and flaxseeds , this one you need to keep in the fridge
- some nut butter, peanut and almonds only the 100%
- seaweeds for the iodine
- soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil and liquid smoke

just opened my pantry to check and there is
- rye crisp bread
- soy and almond milk
and of course spices and dry herbs

The bulk of my cooking is vegetables

I don't buy or eat any fakes or highly processed vegan alternatives, unless done by me in my kitchen , vegan parmesan for example.

You should rethink tofu and tempeh. I buy mine in the Chinese supermarkets where I find the very hard type, and I mean really hard. At my normal supermarket, I still buy their version of hard, which I like to crumble and roast in the oven

Pinkblueberry Thu 22-Aug-19 20:30:33

I’m not vegan but there’s quite a few vegan meals I enjoy and cook a lot - I always have a variety of beans in and chickpeas. Lentils, green or red are very versatile too.

Napoleon66 Fri 23-Aug-19 08:15:52

Thanks for replying. LiliesAnd your response is very helpful, I'll have to do more research re tofu and tempeh. Do you tend to marinate them for a while before cooking? I also tried a very soft tofu which i made into a pasta sauce with garlic, basil and pinenuts and had with lentil pasta... delicious!

EvaHarknessRose Fri 23-Aug-19 08:34:03

Tofu works best if you press it to get the water out. The BOSH sweet chilli tofu recipe is yum.

Chickpeas (to make houmous and falafel as well as using whole)
Yellow, red and green lentils
Yeast extract (yum, and B12 but not enough so supplement as well)
Sweet potatoes
Bulgar wheat (I don’t like cous cous or quinoa as much)
Basmati rice
I got nutritional yeast but don’t use it much
Kidney beans, black beans (nice in burritos and with sweet potatoes)

LiliesAndChocolate Fri 23-Aug-19 22:08:42

@Napoleon66 I do marinate my unflavoured tofu. I remove it from water, wrap it in kitchen paper and press or squeeze it to remove as much water as possible. take a long and low container, add 6 tbl of soy sauce ad 2 tbl of extra virgin olive oil, mix and deposit the tofu flat in it. Depending of the size of your typical bloc, you might do two layer.
This is my base and I will eat it as it is or cook/bake it.

Put 1 cup almonds, 2 tbs smoked paprika , onion powder, salt and mixed herbs in a blender until you get the texture of breadcrumbs.
Cut the marinated tofu in fingers, press them one by one in the crumbs on all sides and bake in the oven.
Even my non-vegan friends love them

A very important point. Any vegan pantry should have supplements. You NEED vitamin B12, you should add Vitamin D and plant sourced Omega 3. I thought I was mega smart and getting all my omega 3 s from flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts and blood test revealed I was dangerously low.
You must know where your nutrients are, in which food and how best to eat them to make sure you won't get malnourished. You must eat 1 brazil nut a day for your selenium, tofu is a very good source of calcium, spinach a very poor source of calcium because it is high in oxalate and it inhibits absorption, nutritional yeast is excellent for thiamine, one of the B vitamins.
The the website to track your nutritional intake. Don't focus on what your are NOT eating (the animal products) but on what you are eating. You don't need much of the micronutrients but you do need them. Seaweed for iodine, tempeh for zinc, spinach for potassium and manganese, and so on.
On my phone I bought the 5 Australian $ one off app wholesome as it has food recommendation and more polyphenol than chronometer, but it is less easy to see all the daily nutrients intake compared to chronometer.
Borrow from the library books on plant based/vegan nutrition. Brenda Davis is a good one and on youtube, if you look for the 1hour+ videos, you will also get a good starting point.

thedevilinablackdress Sun 25-Aug-19 10:42:46

And use the juice from the can as an egg substitute for pancakes, mayo, meringues.

TheBananaInPyjamas Sun 25-Aug-19 10:47:40

I always have a couple of jars of vegan pesto in the cupboard for lazy nights! Second chickpeas too, I love them and they make a great filler for a curry if you don't want fake meat!

Napoleon66 Mon 26-Aug-19 11:10:34

LiliesAnd thanks for your post. At the moment I take a vegan B12 supplement (also includes other B vits), a D3 and have been relying on flaxseeds & chia for my omegas. I eat a couple of walnuts daily but will look for brazil nuts. I regularly eat crispy seaweed snacks which I love.
I'm new to the vegan way of eating so am grateful for all your advice. Will look at the cronometer link later.

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 26-Aug-19 12:28:25

I did a blood test called omega 3 index . My GP had never prescribed nor seen one in decades long career. My levels were 3.8. Ideally you should have more than 8 and between 4-8 you are low. At 3.5 you have brain shrinkage. Take my word. Take a plant base omega 3 supplement or do the blood test even if you have to pay for it. I was eating more than 800% the recommended Plant based omega 3 and very low omega 6 yet my body didn’t convert them. So I am actually damaging my health. I now take the DEVA vegan ready available EPA -DHA.

Watch some of these Dr Greger, a legend in the vegan world

Read this post from Dr Fuhrman read some of his posts. He also has cooking videos.

I truly wish I had started supplementing earlier with omega 3.

Well done for making the change and seeking advice .
I eat a lot of soups and have strangely become addicted to my green smoothie . I do this
I do this one minus the fruit , only add a handful of blueberries sometimes which turns my green smoothies into a brown one!

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 26-Aug-19 12:28:44

Link for green smoothie

AbbyNormal Thu 29-Aug-19 19:12:50

Fry's Creams
Bourneville Giant Buttons
Asda strawberry jam tarts

All vegan and in my cupboard.


sorry not helpful

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