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Egg substitute

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Bellydancerbynight Sat 10-Aug-19 22:51:45

I am in the process of turning my family's diet vegan and I have stopped using eggs in my cooking. I have several cheat sheets with ideas for substitutes in baking, etc which I have tried with mixed results. Has anyone tried any commercial subsitute products, what for and do you recommend? In particular, I am no longer able to cook spanish omelette or choux pastry and would love to know if anyone has had any good result with commercial egg substitutes. Thanks! smile

LiliesAndChocolate Tue 13-Aug-19 02:57:23

I use orgran no egg ( egg replacer) for baking tarts and biscuits and it works perfectly. You still have to add a bit of almond milk to get the texture of the dough right. If making biscuits, I also add a drop or two of yellow colouring because real eggs give biscuits that gold colour whereas pure vegan biscuits will be very white.
You can find recipes which use flaxseeds, ripe bananas or apple sauce which work fine for cakes, brownies or cookies not for biscuits.

maras2 Tue 13-Aug-19 03:05:47

Not a Vegan myself but read that the liquid from cans of chick peas can be used as an egg substitute for meringues, omelettes etc.
Hope I'm right. smile

Alicewond Tue 13-Aug-19 03:07:08

I would recommend bacon, my favourite alternative to eggs

Bellydancerbynight Tue 13-Aug-19 23:21:18

Slow clap to Alice for being the first person ever to squeal "bacon" at a vegan hmm and thank you so much to the other, more helpful replies, I will check them all out.

thedevilinablackdress Sun 18-Aug-19 18:31:40

I've used aquafaba (chickpea juice) for pancakes, meringues and mayonnaise. Probably good for other baking too. Don't think it works for e.g. omelettes though.

Hiphopopotamus Sun 18-Aug-19 18:37:09

I tend to make a ‘flax egg’ for baking (ground flaxseed mixed with water) It works really well. Not sure you’ll be able to properly replicate an omelette though - though I’m looking forward to hearing if I’m wrong as I used to love omelettes!

RebornFlame Mon 26-Aug-19 20:56:09

I use free and easy egg replacer which is a powder you mix with water. I still use a little rapeseed oil too. My cakes have been good and I’m a shit baker at the best of times!!

Grafittiqueen Mon 26-Aug-19 21:01:02

Aquafaba can be used to make choux pastry successfully.

I'm sure a box of egg replacer I had had a recipe for omelette on it and I've seen vegan egg in a health food store.

I have also seen a recipe using black salt which gives a sulphurous flavour similar to egg. Might have been used with aquafaba?

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