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No bake, no cashews vegan cheesecake - how to make it set?

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SunflowerKitty Thu 08-Aug-19 08:44:09

I'm going to attempt my first vegan cheesecake this weekend, but can't make it with cashews, and I'd also rather not bake it.

I've been looking at recipes which use vegan cream cheese, tofu plus icing sugar, but slightly concerned that it won't set. Has anyone tried this and had success? I was wondering whether putting melted chocolate in the filling as well might help it set a bit more?

I just remember when I used to make dairy cheesecake, even with double cream it sometimes wouldn't set, so I'm wondering how it'll work without that.

Any experiences welcome!

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Aug-19 13:27:41

You can use Agar Agar to set it ,a more jelly like texture if you see what I mean. I have made jellies with it, not cheesecake though, I use soaked linseeds (more than they say) You can soak them in fruit juice and then grind them. I used ground fresh almonds to make mine, the tofu is cheaper and easier though. it does set well in the fridge, chocolate would be nice and help it to set too.

StinkyWizleteets Thu 08-Aug-19 13:38:51

Use silken tofu and some soya cream, whip it all together with whatever flavouring and let it set. Works brilliantly with dark chocolate (add some icing sugar if it’s too bitter) and vegan ginger biscuit base.

SunflowerKitty Thu 08-Aug-19 15:46:38

Brilliant, thank you. So no vegan cream cheese needed?

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