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Vegetarian resources for primary age children

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biscuitbadger Tue 30-Jul-19 20:49:14

(This is a vegetarian rather than vegan question, but I can't find a vegetarian board. Please let me know if I should post elsewhere!)

Dd(10) has recently given up meat, and I'm looking for age-appropriate resources for her. In particular, info about a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, but also general info e.g. reasons why it's good to be veggie.

A leaflet/booklet would be ideal, but if not then a website aimed at primary school children would be great too.

Stuff I've found online so far has been aimed at teenagers/adults with a lot of emotive language and gory details about animal slaughter. I wanted to make it a positive choice rather than upsetting her.

DeadCucumber Wed 31-Jul-19 07:12:29

A lady on youtube, bite size vegan, does a video on 5 reasons we don't eat meat. Her other videos may not apply as all vegan based. But my 5 year old enjoyed watching this video when she went veggie.

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