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Any advice on making a decent “cheesy” sauce for lasagna?

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ThereWillBeAdequateFood Wed 03-Jul-19 09:44:34

Hi, I’m not vegan but I’m trying to eat vegan half of the time. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how nice oat milk is and have made some lovely meals.

But I’m really struggling with vegan lasagna. I made a white sauce with oat milk and it’s rubbish. Does anyone have a decent vegan recipe for a “cheesy” sauce I could put on a lasagna?

Thanks so much.

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 03-Jul-19 18:20:10

try here x

MustardScreams Wed 03-Jul-19 18:22:18

Basic roux with vegan butter & flour, add plant milk of choice, get it nice and thick and then melt in No-Moo melty. It makes THE BEST cheese sauce ever. I’m not even vegan and I’d happily choose this over cheddar!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 03-Jul-19 18:22:43

Its not really cheesy but I think I'd work in lasagne

White sauce + nooch (cheesy) + black salt (eggy) + liquid smoke (smoky).

BlueCowWonders Wed 03-Jul-19 18:27:50

Nutritional yeast gives the best flavour once you’ve made the white sauce. We get it from Ocado.
Actually nutritional yeast improves a lot of food!

ThereWillBeAdequateFood Thu 04-Jul-19 15:36:10

I’m not even vegan and I’d happily choose this over cheddar

That’s a pretty strong endorsement mustard

I’ll see if I can get my hands on some. Then I might try the recipe sleep suggested. Thanks so much.

noonarna Thu 04-Jul-19 15:41:33

For a white sauce I do a roux with olive oil (instead of melted butter) + flour and add unsweetened almond or oat milk to make a white sauce. Plenty of seasoning, lots of grated cheese.

noonarna Thu 04-Jul-19 15:41:54

*dairy free cheese obviously!

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Thu 04-Jul-19 15:43:56

mustard powder will buck up any cheese sauce, along with plenty of salt and pepper (use white pepper if you don't want the black bits) And that's where my tips end for vegans!

facedowninthedirt Thu 04-Jul-19 15:46:06

I made lasagne yesterday! My white sauce tasted almost custard-like when it was on its own but once it was in, it tasted fine. I used the original Oatly, I’m not sure whether a different milk would improve the taste though honestly, no one noticed!

Synecdoche Thu 04-Jul-19 15:49:18

Cashew sauce is nice and creamy:

katonic Thu 04-Jul-19 15:55:19

Use the alpro single cream substitute in cooking rather than plant milks as I find it has a totally neutral creamy flavour, the milks are too sweet or leave an odd flavour in the sauce. My quick white sauce is a carton of alpro cream heated up in a saucepan with nutritional yeast, dijon mustard, miso paste and white wine vinegar, gives it a tangy cheesy flavour, and thicken up with cornflour.

BeyondMyWits Thu 04-Jul-19 15:56:26

Lasagna here has bechamel (white) sauce not cheese sauce. (mama was Italian American, may be different if pure Italian I guess)

tenredthings Thu 04-Jul-19 15:58:07

Tahini with a little miso soybean paste, add a bit of water, makes a good alternative sauce

MightyMunki Thu 04-Jul-19 16:08:42

Instead of using oat milk try making your white sauce with oat cream, it’s in the chilled section. I use it all the time and it’s got a really creamy taste. I haven’t found anything to replace real cheese but I often add a cube of veggie stock into the sauce and it’s really tasty.

PancakeAndKeith Thu 04-Jul-19 16:10:17

Oatly Barista makes good white sauce.
I’ve done that a number of times. It has a higher fat content.

fernandoanddenise Thu 04-Jul-19 16:10:21

Waitrose vegan range cheese sauce made from cauliflower is genuinely lovely - I’m not vegan but regularly use it

RavenLG Thu 04-Jul-19 16:39:17

Another vote for adding nutritional yeast to a basic roux
It's super cheesy

ppeatfruit Sat 13-Jul-19 11:18:54

Yes I agree about the nutritional yeast flakes, it makes a lovely topping too, you mix it with breadcrumbs and olive oil et voila grin It tastes (and looks) lovely on vegan mac and cheese.

DeadCucumber Wed 31-Jul-19 07:16:46

I make a thin white sauce then add a couple of spoonfuls of nooch (nutritional yeast), a little soy sauce and a spoonful of caramelised onion hummus. Just experiment with things until you find a sauce that works best for you.

lastqueenofscotland Thu 01-Aug-19 22:38:25

A tonne of nooch should help especially with the consistency

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