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Help with vegan food in Rome

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NEScribe Fri 14-Jun-19 10:58:12

Bit of an odd request but a young relative is travelling to Rome in next few days. She is a vegan and taking part in a competition where her weight must be correct.
At home she has a nutrition plan but she is worried about whether she will be able to buy some of her staples while in Italy. I am sure most vegan foods we have here in supermarkets will be available but wondered if anyone lives/visited Rome recently and could advise.
She uses a lot of Alpro unsweetened almond milk and Alpro vegan yoghurts and plain vegan yoghurts and tofu.
Any ideas of shops which might stock would be really appreciated. She says she has googled but couldn't find anything.
Thanks for any info!

Ricekrispie22 Fri 14-Jun-19 16:26:30

Yes, they do have a lot of intentionally vegan foods such as Alpro, and they are usually located in dedicated areas according to the temperature of the products.
The best vegan friendly supermarket is Conad. It’s one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. Their brand Verso Natura has four sub-brands – Bio (organic), Eco (environmentally-friendly), Equo (ethical/fair-trade) and Veg (vegetarian and vegan). The main milk substitute options are oat, soy and milk. There are a few brands to choose from but Verso Natura does all three options.
Avena = Oat
Soia = Soy
Riso = Rice
There have a pretty exciting range of meat alternatives and burgers, including tofu, seitan, soy burgers and nuggets, all under the Verso Natura brand.
Another brand to look out for is Valsoia can be found in most supermarkets. Be on the lookout for their vegan versions of milk, yogurt, gelato, and even Nutella!
NaturaSì is a good place to stock up on groceries. It’s a national chain of stores that sell all organic, non-GMO products, including fresh produce as well as packaged foods and cosmetics and hygiene products. Here you’ll find vegan snacks like energy bars and chocolates, as well as tempeh, seitan, veggie burger patties and other quick fixes.
Rome also has a fully vegan shop near the Vatican, called iVegan. The place has a lovely selection of sweet and savory snacks, all types of meat substitutes, breakfast foods, non dairy cheese and yogurt as well as local chocolate. I stocked up on all of these items and was impressed by the amount of Italian brands that make vegan products.
Pharmacies(farmacias) and markets are great places to look. Farmacias tend to carry at least one or two specialty vegan products (we even found stevia, seitan, tofu, and vegan croissants in one farmacia!)
Markets are always full of fresh produce and if you are looking for organic, look for the term “biologique” or “biologica” or ask if they have any “frutta/verdure biologica” and they will be able to help you. Bread shops, usually with the word “Forno” in the title (forno is a brick oven, usually used to make pizza) will have various types of foccacia and schiacciata (firmer, saltier tuscan brother of focaccia) which are usually vegan (make sure they have not topped it/filled it with meat or cheese. The plain ones, or ones baked with olives, tomato, or herbs are fine).

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